This Off-Road Trailer’s sliding kitchen makes it the perfect millennial-friendly teardrop camper

Everyone has their own nifty way of experiencing the joys of the wild. But if you’re an outdoorsy person, going off the grid and living an evening or two in a camper is definitely the way to go. Fitted with all-terrain tires, suspension, water tanks, and even a power generation system; off-road camper trailers are designed to follow you wherever you want to go in the wild.

The Bushcamp Offroad Trailer is one such capable camper that would allow you to set up camp instantly, prepare a light meal, and let you sleep in a comfortable, insulated cocoon while you’re spending some precious time in the outdoors. This customized mini caravan is your mobile campsite with minimalist gear storage and possible luxury on wheels. The trailer is equipped with emergency tools on the outside while the inside remains a quaint space which is a luxury for the millennial on the road. Want to prepare a quick yet gourmet meal before you retire for the day? Slide the kitchen out to reveal an efficient setup and cook and cool your drinks while you’re at it. Daytime arrives, just fasten it to your rig and go where the trip takes you. Designed for everyone from an experienced traveler to an occasional fisherman, this durable off-road trailer can withstand any climate and terrain type – providing a very comfortable and secure place, off the ground, for a sleepover.

In addition to being a cozy place to nap in the wild, the Bushcamp Offroad Trailer includes a 40-liter water tank to take care of your cooking and restroom needs. For sporadic off-grid stints, the trailer has a battery system onboard. With the camper, you get a spare wheel and the option to carry along a roof tent, an axe, bike, shovel, and other equipment. The Bushcamp Offroad camper is freely configurable in every detail and can be designed according to your wishes. Let’s get packing!

Designer: ProCamp