These pants are made with the world’s strongest material woven into its fabric – Graphene

There’s a high chance that the Omega pants will outlive the human race. Now I’m not being a pessimist, I’m just stating that these all-purpose pants come with the toughest ever material known to man woven into its fabric. With a lifetime warranty that should last long enough for it to be passed down multiple generations, the Omega pants were built to literally be worn forever, or quite possibly until the end-times… a little too stark? Maybe, but it drives the point home!

Designed for practically any activity that requires pants, the Omega pants by Graphene-X come with a 3-layer fabric that isn’t just destruction-proof, it’s stretchable, waterproof, and has the ability to regulate your body’s temperature so you could potentially wear the same pair of pants while rock-climbing in the sun or on a skiing trip to a snow-capped peak. The pants’ fabric as well as its construction together help it juggle its different roles. Styled like a pair of all-purpose pants with removable leg-pieces, the Omega transforms from full-pant to a pair of durable everyday shorts in a matter of seconds. Its four-way stretchable fabric enables complete freedom of movement, allowing the pants to stretch as you move around while trekking, rock-climbing, or engaging in any outdoor activity that requires uninhibited movement.

The three-layer fabric on the Omega gives it durability as well as versatility. For starters, the Omega pants designed to be breathable, allowing you to wear them for hours without working up a sweat. If it’s hot out, the pants ensure you remain cool on the inside, but the minute you wear the pants out in the cold, the fabric helps retain body warmth while being wind-proof, keeping you warm and protected on the inside. The Omega’s most standout feature however remains the integration of Graphene into its yarn. Hailed as the strongest material known to man, Graphene helps the Omega pants brave practically any amount of abuse without showing any wear and tear. You could take an abrasive pad or sandpaper to it and where most tactical clothing show signs of failure, the Omega ends up looking like nothing ever happened to it. The pants’ construction further enables this durability, with knee-panels, a reinforced crotch, and taped seams to hold the stitching together even after a rough day. The Graphene pants are naturally anti-microbial too, which means they need less frequent washing than your regular pair of pants, and the fabric comes treated with a water-repellent coating too, allowing it to never get stained or wet if you jump into a muddy creek or accidentally drop coffee on it.

What’s a pair of all-purpose pants without an abundance of pockets though, right? Well, the Omega comes with multiple pockets and pouches for your belongings. Aside from the regular pockets on the front and the back, the Omega even has a dedicated phone-pouch, along with two zippered pockets on the front for anything else you want to store. A pen-knife pocket on the side lets you carry your EDC with you, while zippered pockets on your back give you secure storage for your wallet, passport, or any other belongings. The pants even come with pockets beside each knee that you can open to increase ventilation on exceptionally warm days.

The Omega isn’t Graphene-X’s first experiment with the wonder-material. Towards the end of 2019, they debuted the Graphene-X jacket, which garnered a lot of attention and shipped to over 70 countries. The material-science and crowdfunding experience for their first project has informed the development of the Omega pants, which claim to easily be one of the toughest in the world. The Graphene-lined fabric, along with YKK zippers, welded belt-hoops, and taped seams give the Omega their superior durability, and barring any manufacturing defects (which Graphene-X will gladly exchange your pants for), the Omega will probably be the last pair of outdoor pants you’ll ever need to buy. The only natural progression is to now have Vibranium-infused apparel!

Designer: Claudia Rehnfeldt

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OMEGA Pants – World’s First Graphene Integrated Pants

The OMEGA pants are the world’s first fully waterproof (not only water-resistant), all-around Graphene integrated pants. Comfort, versatility, durability, and performance at its peak.

They ran the Martindale abrasion and pilling test (this test basically “rubs” the fabrics over and over to see when it gets damaged). Normally the maximum amount of rubs you measure are 50.000 – but they are all about experimenting and going the extra mile, so they requested a 150.000 rubs test.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $330,000.