One Jacket, Four Seasons: Meet the evergreen leather jacket that’s designed to be worn even in rain!

There’s a popular Seinfeld bit about how it’s funny how leather gets spoiled in the rain. I mean, cows occasionally get wet. So do crocodiles. I’ve never seen a cow running from the rain because it’s made of suede. It’s a hilarious bit no doubt, but with an important observation. Why does leather last for decades if maintained well, but instantly get spoiled if it gets wet? Moreover, is there a way of overcoming this weird barrier?

The Threads of Apollo is a jacket series with a pretty badass name and a reputation to match. Designed for year-round wearing, the Threads of Apollo uses a uniquely treated leather that isn’t just water-resistant, it’s weather-proof too, which means you can wear it in rain, snow, hail, sleet, or any sort of inclement weather without worrying about it getting spoilt. The jacket comes from soft, full-grain sheepskin leather and comes treated with a water-repellent solution that goes deep into the leather fibers. This treatment dramatically increases the jacket’s lifespan, while reducing the amount of maintenance required. That’s basically technical-speak for “you can wear the jacket around the year, every year”.

The Threads of Apollo series of all-weather jackets come in three different design styles that combine evergreen fashion with modern function – the Athens racer jacket, the Olympus straight-collar jacket, and the Tartarus, a quilted leather bomber jacket. Each jacket comes in a variety of colors dictated by the jacket’s inherent style, and features the same durable leather build on the outside. The jackets even feature multiple outer as well as internal pockets, for storing everything from your phones to your keys, wallet, sunglasses, and even passport. The jackets come with a zipper closure, and even features zippered pockets and cuffs for a comfortable sense of style. Designed to be the kind of jackets you can wear anywhere, and at any time of the year, each one comes with a detachable hood too, to protect you from rain, snow, or even direct sunlight. I guess that’s why they call it ‘Leather for every Weather’ for a reason!

Designer: Wakkas

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Threads of Apollo: Water Repellent Full-Grain Leather Jacket

Threads of Apollo is a 100% sheepskin leather jacket designed to be worn in any environment, for any occasion, that’s self-protected by the enemy of leather – moisture.

By integrating a water protection treatment right into the fibers of the leather, their jackets become inherently more repellent than those with surface-level treatments such as wax or oils, often applied only to the surface of a jacket after the fact.

Leather Without Compromise

Water Repellent Right In The Fibers – Their leather is treated right at the time they produce it, removing the hassle of having to apply wax or other water repellents afterward that can damage the delicate hide.

Made From 100% Full Grain Sheep Leather – They use full grain sheep leather for its exceptionally soft and velvety texture. This naturally thin material makes for pliable leather with a fine grain, which can be used to make lightweight, supple leather jackets that move with you.

Protect Against All Kinds of Water – The treated leather allows you the flexibility of wearing your leather jacket anytime you want, in rain, or snow or that unexpected shower the weather app sort of mentioned, without the risk of damaging your jacket.

Thoughtfully Designed. Practical For Life.

Their jackets are designed with everyday life in mind. Each jacket comes with built-in utility pockets to hold all of your daily necessities and to keep your on-the-go, running from meeting-to-meeting life organized.

Three Styles

Athens – The Racer Jacket for an easy “throw on and go,” vibe.

– Full-grain waterproof sheep leather.
– Removable hood.
– 2 Front pockets for additional storage.
– 6 Internal utility pockets with two loops (one on each side).
– Elastic side panels for added comfort.
– Zipped cuff closures.
– Colors: Black, Cognac/Tan, Navy.

Olympus – The Straight Collar Jacket for a classic “rugged” vibe.

– Full-grain waterproof sheep leather.
– Removable hood.
– 4 Front pockets for additional storage.
– 6 Internal utility pockets with two loops (one on each side).
– Detailing on the shoulder.
– Snap button closure cuffs.
– Colors: Black, Brown, Navy.

Tartarus – The Racer Jacket for a casual, minimalist, “cool guy” vibe.

– Full-Grain Waterproof Sheep Leather.
– Removable hood.
– 3 Front pockets for additional storage.
– 6 Internal utility pockets with two loops (one on each side).
– Zipped cuff closure.
– Colors: Black, Burgundy, Navy.

Hands of Zeus – Clean, functional, “elevate” vibe.

– Full-Grain Waterproof Lamb Leather.
– 100 % cashmere lining.
– Touch-screen material on the index fingers and thumbs.
– Attachable to any ToA jacket.
– Colors: Black.

Click Here to Buy Now: $191 $305 ($114 off). Free shipping to US & Canada.