This BMW E9 redesign embraces retro-futurism and the soft visual appeal of Baymax!

I imagine looking at the BMW EV9 concept evokes an absolute opposite response to looking at the edgy Cybertruck or a Lamborghini. It utilizes curves through and through, in a bid to modernize and refamiliarize the classic E9’s design language, making it more friendly, contemporary, and pure… while still retaining an element of sportiness.

Designed by Abraham Chacko, the EV90 is a direct rebuttal of how major car companies approach modern car designs. Rising beltlines and shrunken DLOs (DayLight Openings) often make cars look sleeker, but end up creating a claustrophobic interior by really closing you into the cabin. The EV9’s response is to make a car that feels almost meditative, and comes with a larger DLO that allows more light to enter the interiors of the vehicle. Every element of the EV9 focuses on reinterpreting details and minimizing distraction without affecting the car’s performance. The beltline on the outside runs along the vehicle as a black line, and integrates the indicators on the front within it, creating two large L-shaped strips that are easily visible from the front as well as the sides. Just like its ancestor, the E9, the EV9 sports two spherical headlights on each side, and comes with the iconic BMW kidney grille. However, the grille plays the roll of a small, placeholder detail – considering the car is an electric-powered one. The minimalist, pure vibe on the outside gets carried to the inside too, with comfortable plush cushion seats, and a dashboard that’s reduced to two circular displays with no controls. Instead, an AI helps with the finetuning of all the features of the car, giving you the ability to completely focus on the road ahead and enjoy the driving experience.

Designer: Abraham Chacko