Highway to the Danger Zone!

When you think of Military Air Bases, what do you think about? Over- budgeted super secret spy planes by Bruce Wayne? Maverick and Iceman in a pissing contest, high five-ing each other to bad 80s music? Well that was the question put forth in the latest design contest by auto design site Localmotors.com. They want the undiscovered Top Guns of automotive design to step up and show their true grit. Like this super rad racer by Popa Lucian (aka: Sleepy) inspired by jet fighters. He included a side mounted engine and exhaust, a tubular chasis with carbon fiber body paneling, side mounted cooling system and a fighter style HUD (heads up display). All that and some cool fighter style stickers make me want to go vroom vroom rattatatatatat while gnawing on a cigar.

Designer: Popa Lucian [ Via: Local Motors ]


  • Sylus says:

    Papa Lucian you work with Glottis?

  • zippyflounder says:

    seen lots like this before from the lotus super 7 to the arrow. Some diddle points, a front wing with out a rear wing means TAIL LIFT just ask konigsegg, the lights will be blocked by the front wheels in a turn (not good) its a single seater (yawn) . Side mounted motor, ok say you weigh as much as the motor then its goodie if not you have a latterly imblanced auto (no real biggie) but the real rub is where is the fuel tank, better not be in the back or front as that mothers handling is going to change like a girl emotions with pms as the fuel burns off.

    • IGreenSpot says:

      hey hey hey … what do you mean by : “mothers handling is going to change like a girl emotions with pms”

      • zippyflounder says:

        quickly and with out warning….hey was married to a pms monster…opertive word was.

    • Keith says:

      Agreed, side-mounted engine is rediculous, have fun with irregular tire wear. Although “a front wing with out a rear wing means TAIL LIFT” is assuming that this car is a balanced car before the wing is added. Why don’t we have a somewhat reasonable design where it could actually be made to run on the streets. And if the argument is to take the racing scene on, then good luck fighting Ferrari or Mclaren. Hey, he might be able to get a job doing car design for the next XBOX racing game.

  • Sleepy says:

    Wow I’ve really been missing out on this site.
    To be onnest I didn’t even know my design was featured here. No heads up or anything.
    Thanks for the presentation though and I also apreciate the comments.
    Now to get things sorted because I see that there are a lot of things to clear up.
    1. The car has two seats NOT one, of course you cant see this here unless you visit the Local-motors site for the highres pics to comprehend the details.
    I didn’t really get this comment:”lights will be blocked by the front wheels in a turn (not good)”
    it doesn’t make sense to me.

    2. On the oposite side of the engine I mounted the gastank, and cooling system for the car, the transmission would sit right at the back in the middle. Also to compensate for the weight distribution when the gastank empties I thought of a sliding counterweight that would slide from the center twoards the right of the car to help keep the car balanced. Weight issue is not a problem because the entire car has a carbon fibre body and a tubular chasis.

    3. Rear downforce is not that big issue for this car as most fo the weight will be in the middle and at the back. Also to add a little more downforce to the rear, I designed the back with a scoop like tail, if you look close.

    4. The main reason for the side mounted engine is dimension. With a side mounted engine you get more room for the passengers, a short and wide chassy, and also I managed to move the front disc brakes inside the nose of the car for better cooling.

    I hope that I celared up some details for my design.
    Thanks again for your comments.

  • Guido says:

    ..Why don’t you guys wait a bit before saying bullshits about posted projects? It is ok if you want to criticize others works, but try at least to be mature and aware.

  • Doug says:

    A dragster engine has individual exhaust stacks. A race car usually has two tuned exhaust manifolds. This has 4 ports outa one manifold which seems a bit odd.

    Is this a paean to “cool” at the expense of function?

    Very hot design, BTW. Just wonderin’ why the 4 ports?

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