Custom Yamaha XSR700 with a wooden body is giving me major longboard vibes!

It’s unusual for the body of a modern-day motorcycle to be made out of wood, but the ‘Hommage’ a custom Yamaha XSR700 by George Woodman, isn’t your usual bike. Designed to absolutely turn heads, the Hommage takes inspiration from the old race motorcycle with a complete full fairing made of carving wood.

The Hommage’s full fairing is made bespoke of beech wood, with an overlay of fiberglass and resin to keep it stable (similar to the process used to make wooden surfboards). The spectacular-looking wooden body was laid on the existing chassis, and manually finished by hand with a grinder and various sanding-discs to bring out the wood’s grain and unusual texture that shapeshift with the bike’s organic curves.

“The Xsr 700 base was already upgraded with many performance parts like Ohlins in the fork and for the rear spring, rear set by Gilles.Tooling, KN filters, Rizoma Fuel tap, Xrace exhaust, Diablo SuperCorsa tires , ABS system off, etc…” says Woodman, who was accompanied by Jérome Lopez of Colorside who finished the Hommage with its paint-job. It’s honestly unthinkable, the number of hours that went into manually finishing the bike’s organic body with all its curves… and if your eyes are affixed on this beauty’s natural wooden body, I’d urge you to take a second to admire the rolled-leather seat… or better still, the Jeep headlight that’s fixed at the front!

Designer: GeorgeWoodmanGarage