Goodness Of Laser Lights On A Watch

I officially declare it the era of weird, whacky and un-conventional watches! Why else do think the Invisible Shot Laser Watch is here. Face of it, it’s a normal bracelet lookin thang, but press a discreet button and a laser light reflects the time on your wrist. Certainly for the night-club-hopping-teeny-boppers, who love their laser pointers.

Designer: Andy Kurovets

Alessi Invisible Shot Laser Watch by Andy Kurovets




  • Carl says:

    skin cancer here we come.

    • Hartigan says:

      hehehe !! I understood Skin Scaner! Would have made more sense than Skin Cancer… don’t leave your home the Sun is Bad for you. Stay in and grow a fat belly.


  • Edwin Snotje says:

    Could be nice, but there’s someone else’s name on the watch.

  • Lamah says:

    Looks kind of tricky to read, have to get the angle just right.

  • paul sandip says:

    quite interesting 🙂

  • weshwesh says:

    why projecting on the wrist? why not projecting on any surface (walls, table, floor…) then no more problem of viewing angle and…. skin cancer lol.
    and the if a dude ask you what time is it, you just throw it on his feet, funkier isn’t it?

  • vera says:

    Looks tricky to read and seems impossible to see in a dark skin…

    Maybe you sould change the direction of the laser, maybe upside…

    Think about it….

  • Iperpaolo says:

    my arm is full of hair

  • Jon says:

    Im with lperpaolo, this wouldnt work. Also, I dont like that it requires two hands. I look at my watch frequently, and would find it really annoying to have to push the button every time. Although I must say it is interesting, just needs a little more thought.

  • Jeremiah says:

    I agree with a lot of the comments here. It’s a good idea just a few changes away from being a great one. The fashion aspect is really nice, but the function aspect could use a bit more work. That and the removal of the name would make it a lot better too, I would say. Besides that though, good stuff 🙂

    LOL Skin Cancer 😛

  • Angela says:

    Yeah, It’s quite interesting but I’ afraid skin cancer. Are you with me?

  • Peyman says:

    Hello i will to know, How can I buy this clock? and in which website . i think is very hot idea and it is very cool and have specialy Still .

    i am witing of your answer
    thank you so much

  • Admin says:

    ##Where ?? How much!?

  • .

    it’s a truly amazing idea! 🙂

    but it can be made better just adding…


  • Thanks for comments

  • lam says:

    i really like this!!creative….

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  • #Where ?? How much!?

  • r4 ds games says:

    cool man…. never seen such stylish stuff in last couple of years…….. I wonder how it might look in dark disco…… girls gonna go mad if I wear it there…. Do u have a e-buy link for it?

  • ollie says:

    good idea but it would burn like hell, the quality uneasy, and you would be left with permament marks!

  • Looks beautiful, except that someone’s name on it.

  • Viktor says:

    when will be accessible on sale

  • If you activate it at the same time every day, will you eventually get branded?

  • Eliza says:

    Never would have thunk I would find this so idnspiensalbe.

  • Ukzs0206 says:

    High quality life

  • Nice design but I think that it would be nice to do away with the giant bump on the one side.

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  • Neal says:

    i heard of your blog from yahoo site. Thanks for your aiticle

  • Pedrito says:

    Ive bought a 100mw laser on my vaocitan.. and i bought in for only 25 euro’s.. its pretty bright.. but there is no heat? i cant even feel the heat on my finger when im holding it there for 30 sec’s? so.. what should i do to make it a little more powerful? like u mentioned u did to urs?Ty already..Sp4rX

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