Let The Hands Do The Talking

Your hands are gesturing but I do not understand! Is it me or are your hands telling me something?
Comprehending sign language is not an easy task, but should that be a hindrance for communication between you and a vocally challenged person?
I guessed not, hence this Sign Language Translator will be the apt solution for you to transcend borders of gesture-based communication.

The device is neat and easy; a no-fuss pendant with a sensory camera that captures the hand motions. Translating the gestures into voice modulations, it makes it possible for an impaired person to communicate effectively. A choice or pre-recorded voices adds a bit of funk to the device.

To operate the Sign Language Translator one has to click the bottom part to expose the speakers.
To increase the volume, just open the speaker wider.
To turn it off, just click it back and shut it.
Simple, straightforward…so let’s TALK!

Designer: Mac Funamizu