This Apple x Procreate controller knob for the iPad Pro upgrades your artistic workflow!

Simon Pavy’s Apple x Procreate controller concept falls perfectly in line with a few hardware-controllers we’ve seen in the past from Adobe and Wacom, and even from Microsoft for its Surface line. Designed to speed up an artist’s workflow, the knob works in tandem with the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil, providing a precision-rotating controller along with a touchscreen interface for pro-users.

The Apple x Procreate controller measures around 2-inches in diameter. With a rotating body, and a liquid retina touchscreen surface on the top, the controller really lets you precisely control aspects of your workflow. The rotating knob lets you very intuitively increase or decrease brush sizes, cycle through layers, adjust colors, or even play around with other settings, while the touch surface on the top works as a brilliant dedicated color palette, and an interface for cycling through layers, experimenting with brushes, or quickly going through your list of brushes while you work on your art piece. The puck-shaped controller comes with its own battery, and a USB-C port to charge it (you could just hook it to the iPad Pro). It even boasts of a non-slip surface on the base, allowing you to place it on even slanted tables for extra comfort. Sadly though, the Apple x Procreate controller is a fan-made conceptual product, although I don’t see why the designer couldn’t build a prototype and crowdfund it… I know I’d definitely buy one!

Designer: Simon Pavy