XRays To-Go

Inspired by the designer’s own personal experience of waiting too long during a stay at the emergency room, the Radio portable x-ray was imagined as a way to cut back on time spent in the radiology process. The device uses the same dental imaging technology that exists currently and incorporates it into a compact, portable unit that can detect broken bones or other abnormalities. Radiologists can instantly read the screen or print radiographs via from the unit’s charging dock.

Designer: Francois Rybarczyk


  • eldad says:

    nice concept , but not so ergonomic for the user

    • Jamie says:

      This wouldn’t be possible using x-rays due to ionizing radiation and lack of controls but you should design it using t-waves which don’t ionize and are even better at imaging.

      T-waves will be a common technology soon and the imaging is so accurate you can tell the chemical composition of a compound from scanning it.

    • Jamie says:

      This wouldn’t be possible using x-rays due to ionizing radiation and lack of controls but you should design it using t-waves which don’t ionize and are even better at imaging.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Very smart! Way to go!

  • Really interesting concept. Hope it can work and the security rules can be apply to it. But really nice concept !

  • James says:

    Looks lovely, unfortuantly they already have portable x-ray machines. The most modern ones weigh 1/4 of a ton.

  • James says:

    prolonged exposure to X-rays or any other penetrating radiation can be extremely harmful, the reason why the X-ray machine is in its own room is so everyone in the hospital doesn’t get cancer after a few months.

    this product is dangerous and should be redesigned

  • Hannah says:

    Is there a prototype of the device? Are you planning on doing it?

  • Jo says:

    There is a reason x-rays are done in a lead lined room, whilst the radiographer is behind a lead lined wall. Have you thought about how much radiation you’ll be sending through the patient? Or the radiographer? Or anyone else in the vicinity? Plus you want the radiographer to hold the machine perfectly still whilst it takes an x-ray?

    This design has no research or understanding behind it, and yes, it is dangerous. Convenience should not be the driver for change in medical technology.

    Just because you can fit a technology into a portable box doesn’t mean you should. Do your research, talk to people in the field and understand the problem before you do any designing.

  • fran says:

    I am the rubbish designer of this concept.
    I have never mentioned that the radiologist will not wear a lead vest.
    I just wanted to add that this concept is really prospective.
    Sometime innovation can be lead by prospectivity.

    I am currently working with radiologist, I recommend you to have a look at the Interventional Radiology.
    The radiation sended by this concept are around 0.006msV per radio.
    Just for your information you receive around 2,4msV per year from the nature.

    • Kelly Hilgers says:

      I think this would be fantastic for traveling doctors in remote locations where the “normal” X-ray machines cannot be taken. It could be a great addition to the medical world.

  • Merve Alaz says:

    Where can I get informed about when this product is going to be introduced to the global markets? Or is this product already out in the markets?

  • Muzaffar Malik says:

    Hello Francois

    This is not rubbish. Of course you will have to (and I am sure you are) doing your research to see how this can be implemented. Good developments have many times emerged from far-fetched ideas. Your concept is impressive and very marketable if implemented (I am a medical doctor working in medical device industry in Japan – manufacturing and marketing). Please let us know about the progress of your development. I would like to personally get in touch with you if possible.


  • Ange says:

    I am a radiographer/x-ray technician and I can tell you that this design will never eventuate. Why? The designer has no idea of the physics involved in producing x-rays! Go back and study up before you waste everyone’s time going on about something that is wrong to begin with.

  • Dede says:

    cool concept but would never work, x-ray beam is way too close, and not to get technical but what what about the 40 inch SID? ( I’m just saying) Is the x-ray tech suppose to hold this device? and no offense this dumbs the field down anyone can pick it up and start x-raying people.

  • Hunter says:

    So are you also going to administer a series of lead-lined clothes?

  • Peter says:

    This looks great! I use digital x-rays around the globe for industrial applications. We would be happy to work with you to assist getting this proven and to the market.
    Drop me an email ([email protected])

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  • Kavita says:

    well done Francois!! this will be an excellent product and I will be the first buyer if you launch this in the market. good luck.

  • Krystle says:

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