This fashionably wireless stethoscope can pick up early signs of degenerating joints

When you say stethoscope, the first thing that comes to mind is an age-old instrument a doctor uses to auscultate a patient’s heart and lungs. The design of a doctor’s stethoscope hasn’t seen a lot of aesthetical alterations since I saw the first one – it’s been decades! Now that there is some innovation – it’s not really for the first intended purpose. The Auvis here is a digital stethoscope that is structured to detect early signs of arthrosis. The instrument has built-in sensors to catch sounds emitted by joints, making it easier to pick up degenerating cartilage inside them.

Arthrosis that this digital stethoscope intends to detect is a non-inflammatory degenerative condition that’s mainly associated with aging. It occurs as a person grows older and the joint cartilage becomes rugged and begins to wear out. Since, the designer says, “cartilage degeneration, the starting point of arthrosis, can neither be seen on X-Ray nor MRT,” the Auvis presents itself as a viable med gadget. Degenerating cartilage tends to generate sounds that the sensors on the Auvis can pick up to let a physician interpret the feedback and give the diagnosis. Like an ordinary stethoscope, Auvis also comprises an examining tool and a neckpiece – the only difference being, these are wirelessly connected and offer an unrestricted opportunity to examine various joints on the body.

Designed by Lara Laddey of Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel University, Auvis stethoscope’s conception is based on a 2019 technology developed by German researchers that can detect the sound emitted by joints. This study is the base of the Auvis which besides its medical benefits is for one a stethoscope young medicos will love to flaunt outside of the operation theater.

Designer: Lara Laddey