This Storage System Operates With Suction And Can Be Used On Any Surface!

It can be extremely difficult to optimize kitchen storage space. Whether you’re in an efficient studio’s kitchenette or a spacious, open-plan chef’s playground, sometimes the hardest thing about interior design is finding the perfectly sized cranny for a bag of coffee beans or the spice rack that overflows until organizing feels like a chore. Plus, when you live in a smaller apartment space, drilling holes into drywall for spice racks isn’t always an option. Created by Jorge Álvarez, with NOS Design, Wholeder’s storage system uses suction so that it can optimize storage space in every room (plus it has a pretty clever-sounding name too).

The suctioned lid allows for the easy application on any wall or flat surface, making it functional in not just the kitchen, but practically any room. Whatever might need to be stowed away for later use can be stored with Wholeder. These minuscule storage bins also work for traveling as they come in varying sizes in order to store the ideal amount of anything you like. Something to keep in mind about storage systems is that they still have to be maintained. Silverware trays easily fill up with food crumbs and mason jars should be sanitized when used to store hygienic products. Unfortunately, reaching the bottom of a mason jar is no easy feat when your knuckles can’t even cram through the jar’s tapered opening. This makes it helpful that Wholeder’s storage suction containers can be well-maintained thanks to the rounded, easy-to-reach base and uniform sizing. The suction tubs are also aesthetically pleasing with their warm, muted tertiary toned tops. I’d like to believe the sizing and color scheme is really meant to pay homage to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

As long as we have things, we’ll need more things with which to store them, and with Wholeder’s suctioned approach to optimizing storage space, that clutter can be a thing of the past. Since each container can adhere to any horizontal or vertical, flat surface, Wholeder’s storage system can be used anywhere. I can spend days consolidating and mixing spices to make room for a new one or reorganizing and cramming my knuckles into mason jars – it’s a sigh of relief to read, that those days could be over.

Designers: Jorge Álvarez x NOS Design