Floating Brushes

Love painting but hate the mess? Well Buoy Brushes can help you a tad bit in keeping things clean. They simply float vertical in a bowl of water, making sure you don’t stain the tabletop. The sizes easily distinguish the brushes and look artsy too!

Buoy Brush is a 2013 iF Design award – concept design entry.

Designer: Weijie Kong


  • Product tank says:

    Not sure how comfortable this would be but I like the concept. Leaving normal brushes bristles down in a pot of water for a while damages the tips and this idea would prevent this.

  • Marc says:

    pretty interesting idea. agreed that it might not be very comfortable to work with, but you might be able to resolve that by moving the ‘bulb’ higher up the brush handle.

  • Esther says:

    Where can they be bought?

  • Product tank says:

    You don’t need the bulb in this design at all as long as the stick is buoyant and the head is weighted, but not too much otherwise it will sink, this design will pop up exactly the same. Admittedly, that won’t explain the concept as well as the classic fishing float form does, but it will make a more functional product. The most important aspect regardless of handle shape is that the head is weighted.

  • Marc says:

    Good point.

  • domirate says:

    It’s cool but it is NOT interesting..I have seen the same designs in the website. I’m sure that you already know about the fact.. To be honest, YOU JUST COPIED OTHER DESIGN. http://www.seongyonglee.com/

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