This Nike X Crocs collaborative concept doesn’t seem so absurd in 2020

One is literally the biggest sports apparel company in the world, and the other is a viral sensation turned into a fashion faux-pas. It’s unlikely that Nike and Crocs would ever collaborate just because it’s perhaps one of the unholiest of unions, but let’s take a second to appreciate this conceptual ‘what-if’ product from the mind of Kegan McDaniel.

Say hello to probably the most bizarre shoe collab in history. This pair of Nike Air-Jordans X Crocs collaborative clogs surely will make you feel a bunch of things, including, hopefully, a second reckoning. While the idea of footwear co-created by Nike, Jordan, and Crocs may sound absurd at first, these clogs honestly don’t look all that bad. I mean hey, I’d wear them… probably.

The shoes come in the distinctive single-piece design that’s archetypal with the Crocs brand, with a silhouette that seems familiar too. Its details, however, borrow influences directly from the Air Jordan 1, with a perforated toebox and that iconic swoosh that wraps around the back of your foot, becoming the heel-strap.

Honestly, the Nike X Crocs footwear are a bit of an acquired taste. They’ll almost definitely evoke a negative reaction at first sight (sort of like looking at the Yeezy flip flops for the first time), but after a while you’ll definitely warm up to the idea them. After all, it’s 2020. Weirder things have happened.

Designer: Kegan McDaniel

This design is purely a conceptual piece of work and isn’t affiliated with the Nike, Air Jordans, or the Crocs brand in any way.