Energy that’s 100% green


Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s windy. Either way, tech allows us to harness energy. The Ecocharge ensures that renewable, natural energy is available at all times, with its two-in-one design. The streetlamp/car-charger runs on solar power most times, but on occasions when the sky is overcast, it also has a sleek looking windmill built into its vertical channel that keeps its batteries replenished, and your cars juiced up. The Ecocharge, apart from being a great green-energy provider, also comes with an app for drivers that allows them to find out of there’s a charging post in the vicinity, and if it’s occupied or not. While fuelling your car, it also gives you charging stats, so you’re well informed.

Designer: Peng Zhan






  • Hunter Richardson says:

    What if it’s raining but not windy?

    • Sarang Sheth says:

      We still need to develop an effective way of harvesting rain to create energy on a micro scale. 🙂
      Chinese scientists have developed solar panels that use rain to generate energy too, but that experiment’s a long way from commercialization.

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