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The e~cart promises quite an electrifying experience! It’s a shopping trolley re-designed to be fitted with wheels that harness the kinetic energy, generated due to its motion. The sourced up energy is deposited to the main power storage unit, when the cart docks into it. Just line them up, one behind the other to form a power chain! Although the designers suggest that the harnessed energy can be used to completely sustain the store for the month, I seriously doubt that.

Yes some amount of electricity can be generated and part of the consumption can be taken care of, but not the entire months.

Designers: Kitae Pak & Inyong Jung





e-cart Electricity Generating Shopping Trolley by Kitae Pak & Inyong Jung


  • Armin says:

    Again?! When will these students realise a dynamo creates friction. Had it been something gravity based, could’ve been different (cart loading/unloading would’ve generated energy)

  • Alan says:

    Students work for sure……. The idea aren’t cost effective at all…

  • Gunnar Tveiten says:

    What is this crap ? Designing something like this, and not even getting the distinction between power and energy ? blah !

    Here’s a hint: W is a unit for *power* Joules, watt-hours or Kwh is a unit for energy.

    It’s a bit as if he’s saying this car weighs 5 meters.

    The rest is equally nonsensical, offcourse.

  • brian t says:

    No idea what is going on in those “Amount of microgeneration” figures. “x8 time to operate (assumption)”: 8 of what, exactly?

    40W x 4 = 160W. On an exercise bike at max load, I produce about 300W (according to its display). A little old lady, shopping, won’t be able to offer you more than a few tens of watts – and why should she? If you think I want to provide you with free power while SHOPPING, think again!

    As noted already, there is no free lunch, and customers will have to work (hard!) against the friction of the dynamos as they extract energy from the cart’s motion (i.e. from you). Don’t get me started on the electrical problems with getting the energy off the carts with any kind of efficiency.

  • V2 says:

    These small energygenerators are rediculous anyway
    The only plusside is a free workout
    But storage batteries, materials etc cost more than the profit
    Its the same with getting enery out of roads: it will get fuelconsumption up
    For now wind and water are the most efficient sources
    In the future probably solarpower

  • mif991 says:

    Agree with all above comments. The designer (student?)went through a lot of “research” but failed to research the cost of manufacturing these. I give the designer some props on style and rendering, but he needs to consider all issues, for had he done so, he would have come to the realization that he would just be wasting his time needlesly, unless of course there was a professor involved.

  • Attila Ferenczi says:

    This one is simply an ironic way to make ‘sustainable design’ ridiculous. Consumption is production? Disgusting….

  • cyc says:

    also, the carts themselves sacrifice a great deal of practicality, the designer got rid of two functions of a standard shopping cart in the interest of the design. no child seat, and no rack on the bottom for big items. i guess it’s a way for compensating for all the ridiculous friction.

  • dumbidea says:

    Just think of all the extra C02 these things will make as the customers (if there are any) huff and puff pushing these carts around!

  • Dwaine says:

    Let’s just return to clean nuclear power. Less of the scary CO2. Plenty of clean heat.

  • JUAN says:

    It´s a concept, don´t get so carried away. I agree that is not functional, but is an idea that might develop into something else. It is easy to be the devil´s advocate.

  • Yo mama says:

    Massive wind power stations are betting than small and expensive devices

  • Amanda says:

    I have been thinking of energy generating shopping carts as well. You just beat me to it. I think about it everytime I have to push a cart around for hours in the store to get items. I also have been thinking about it everytime I get shocked by the cart when pushing it around the store. I keep thinking that I wish there is a way to collect up all the energy that people create just by pushing a cart around. It just seems like something that can become productive rather than just a waste.

  • Chumkar Jagpal says:

    i had dreams about shopping cart generators……. why do i get beat all the time… …… my next idea is for a gps sensor in automatic weapons! that will work!

    good luck students

  • Chumkar Jagpal says:

    i had dreams about shopping cart generators……. why do i get beat all the time… …… my next idea is for a gps sensor in automatic weapons! that will work!

    good luck students

  • its realy good Idea

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