This handheld portable printer + scanner seamlessly prints on any flat surface!

Ever found yourself in a need to print something quickly on a flat surface? This handheld digital multi-tool might just be the thing you need. Called ‘VIA’, this portable printer + scanner brings together the physical and digital worlds ever closer.

Carefully designed to be used in many roles, this device comes with a protective cap, which when flipped over, exposes the printhead for printing and protects it from damage when not in use. It also contains guidance rollers to ensure a smooth and straight print. With its wide print head technology, you can now print in a single swipe. Imagine printing your favorite photograph on a surface to create instant memorabilia for a friend? Or party favors with multiple prints of the best picture or a funny moment captured that evening? With VIA, it is all achievable at your fingertips wherever you are! You can scan and print on any almost any flat surface. And you can pair up your phones via Bluetooth and save digital scans on the go. This device also comes with a stand-alone CMYK cartridge for both black & white and full-color printing.

The designers have integrated a large touch screen for an efficient user experience. Along with a neat UI, the screen shows you the final work before you start printing- no more wasteful prints! With its sleek and fluid design, this handheld printer + scanner hits all the marks. And with that book-like form, it is easy and convenient to take it along with you!

Designers: Jasmine Schubert, Matthew Koscica, and Dylan Willis.