YD Handpicks: Your complete caffeine-kick kit!


The third most popular beverage in the world after tea and beer, coffee to some people is almost as important as the air we breathe. A dose of coffee powers you through the day like an invisible pair of batteries… and this round-up ensures you’re super-charged throughout the entire day. Starting from the most basic of processes like the roasting to the actual drinking of coffee, we’ve covered the entire cycle of the coffee brewing affair, with a surprise product right at the end. Scroll through to completely uplift your coffee game.

01. Kelvin Coffee Roaster by IA Collaborative
We first start with the roasting of the coffee. Roasting your own coffee lets you consume it at its freshest, and the Kelvin was designed exactly for that. Rather than buying beans that were roasted months in advance and have lost their potency, Kelvin connects you to bean distributors who deliver green coffee beans to your home, while the device itself roasts your bean to that beautiful brown, which you can then proceed to grind and brew into the freshest cup of coffee ever!

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02. Hiku Coffee Grinder by Kanso Coffee
After your coffee beans are roasted to that absolutely beautiful shade of umber, it must be ground to a powder, so as to allow proper infusion. The Hiku takes precise grinding to another level with a grinder inspired by camera lenses. With markings on the side, you can calibrate the coarseness or fineness of your coffee grounds, depending on the kind of brew you want. Hiku’s patented axle and burr system are so rock solid, they don’t deviate in the slightest as they’re crushing the beans, resulting in a grind that’s of immaculate consistency.

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03. Kruve Coffee Sieve by Michael Vecchiarelli
Kruve takes Hiku’s mission a step further and allows you to, at a micron level, sieve your coffee. The size of your coffee ground along with its brew time decides how your brew tastes, so making sure you’ve got a consistent grind is key. The minute you have larger, coarser particles mixing with finer ones, you lose out on your brew remaining consistent… resulting in a brew that’s acidic and bitter, because some particles are under-brewed and some over-brewed. Kruve’s sieve has a two-stage process, allowing you to trap the larger particles on the top, and the smallest particles in a tray at the bottom, leaving you with a perfect, consistent grind in the middle. The sieves are so remarkably accurate, they work on a level of a few microns… and experts say that the difference in taste is noticeable. “Sieving is believing” amirite?

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04. Minipresso by Wacaco
Congratulations on perfecting your grind! Now it’s brewing time… The Minipresso takes care of that in a profile that’s small enough to slide into your backpack’s bottle holder. The tiny little brewer lets you brew coffee from your own grounds, and there’s even a version that lets you just use Nespresso pods. With a pressure chamber that allows you to build up a high pressure, the Minipresso allows you to pump hot water through your grounds, resulting in fresh-brewed creamy, rich coffee that you can either consume in espresso form or turn into a cup of black coffee or a latte by adding to it. The Minipresso is tiny enough to let you brew your coffee anywhere, and even comes with its own cup, so you’ve got literally nothing to worry about. Just sip away!

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05. Newton Lever Espresso Maker by Hayden Maunsell
Want something more rustic, manual, and quirky? Essentially the most simplified version of a french press, the Newton is effortless because it uses a Type 2 Lever to reduce the amount of effort needed to extract every single bit of goodness from your grounds. Start with a nice hot cup, place and press your coffee grounds into the lower chamber of the Newton. Screw the lower chamber into place and pour hot water into the upper chamber before pulling the lever up. Then delight in the hipster routine of pumping the water through the grounds and out the bottom into your toasty hot coffee cup. The entire process is fun, non-electric, and effortless. Depending on how hard you press down on the lever, and how coarse or fine your coffee grounds are, you should be able to perfect the art of making coffee that’s a 100% product of your work!

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06. & 07. Ember’s Self Heating Mugs by Ammunition/Robert Brunner for Ember
The mug that heats up your drink for you, the Ember is quite a revolutionary bit of tech. Available initially in a travel-mug format before moving to the traditional mug-shaped design, the Ember lets you set your temperature preference, and then it keeps your beverage at exactly that temperature… because coffee that’s too hot is physically undrinkable, and coffee that’s at room temperature is too disgraceful to drink, but coffee at the correct temperature feels less like a beverage and more like nature giving you a hug!

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08. Cafepress by Kinto
The Kinto is for those who want to cut out the coffee machine from their coffee-brewing cycle. Made for those coffee-addicts who don’t like the idea of having to wait for their mug, the Kinto does the brewing and filtering within the cup itself! Just pour coffee grounds in and top it off with the hot water. Let the brew rest for a minute and then insert the filter that sits flush against the handle when inserted. The filter acts like a press, compressing your grounds/leaves to the bottom of the cup, leaving just the aromatic flavorful liquid on the top for you to sip, directly from the mug you brewed your drink in!

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09. Power Caffeinated Toothpaste by Dan Meropol
Too much in a hurry to sit and brew your coffee? How about caffeinated toothpaste!? The Power Toothpaste literally gives you a rush while you brush! With the caffeine equivalent of one cup in a single tooth-brush dabful, Power claims it can give you an energy boost within just the first 10 seconds of brushing (it tastes like mint though, so your mouth feels fresh). The caffeine gets absorbed by your gums, giving you an energy boost sans the cup of coffee. You can still have that cup too, if you love the taste of a good brew! Rest assured your mornings will never be groggy again, and you may just look forward to brushing your teeth every day!

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