This genius universal airtight lid fits on nearly every vessel you have!

The SKUZEE is the perfect example of a “eureka moment” product. It’s a brilliant idea that’s never existed before, and now when I look at it, I can’t help but wonder why I (or anyone else) never thought of it before… and that’s always a good sign! The SKUZEE is a silicone lid that’s designed to fit on practically any bottle, carafe, jar, glass, mug, or container you own, turning regular vessels into airtight ones. Its unique construction allows it to snap onto a variety of neck-widths by flexing to fit around them, and a standard 28mm threading on the inside lets it screw onto most PET bottles too, eliminating the need to own separate containers with lids, or discard containers that are missing their lids. The SKUZEE is literally made to be the one-true lid to fit all sorts of bottles/mugs/containers, giving you the ability to easily store, preserve, and carry your liquids without worrying about leaks!

The BPA-free silicone outer body is what gives the SKUZEE its remarkable airtight-ability and flexibility. The lid opens up to fit onto a variety of containers, snapping in place once you push down on it. The patented-designed pull-to-open 360° valve on the top of the lid lets you pour from any angle, and the fluted texture on the SKUZEE’s surface makes it easy for you to remove the lid when you want to place it on another bottle, or when you want to rinse it under a tap or in the dishwasher.

SKUZEE’s universal design with its modular inserts that turn the air-tight lid into a citrus juicer, a tea-infuser, or a drink-chiller means it is even more useful. Armed with these three inserts (and with more on the way), you can use your SKUZEE lid as more than just a lid. Place it in a carafe and use it to juice oranges – the silicone body never slips or skids as you squeeze the orange halves. Switch out the juicer insert for an infuser insert and the SKUZEE lets you make cold-tea brews and water infusions… and replace the infuser for the chilling wand and the SKUZEE instantly chills your beverages without watering them down!

Designed to be durable and sustainable, the SKUZEE replaces practically every lid you own. It fits on travel-cups, so you can ditch those plastic lids coffee shops. You can even snap it onto a jar of milk, or a carafe of orange juice to help it last longer in the fridge, or to make storing and pouring more convenient. The silicone and durable plastic construction make the SKUZEE easy to wash and maintain, and the fact that you can use it on any vessel means a lower dependence on single-use plastic lids, bottles, straws, and other paraphernalia that would eventually get thrown into a landfill or our oceans. Besides, with an array of eye-catching colors, don’t be surprised if the SKUZEE rapidly becomes your lid of choice, replacing every other lid you own. Now that’s what I call a win for the planet, your kitchen drawer, and your sense of style! Cheers!

Designers: Ming-Hua Huang, Lung-Hsun Song, Hung-Yu Hsieh & Lin-Chun Sun

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SKUZEE – The Most Convenient Lid Ever Made

The SKUZEE is a reusable airtight lid that fits almost any cup, bottle, jar, and mug you own. In addition, the modular inserts turn the lid into a citrus juicer, a tea-infuser, or a drink-chiller.

During the design stage, the market surveys indicated that 55 – 60mm and 85 – 90mm were the standard and wide openings used the most. Thus, SKUZEE is designed to match most of containers.

Below: Examples of things SKUZEE has been tested on.

The Juicer Module

The SKUZEE juicer has more juicer ridges that ensure the pulp is crushed and the juice is separated more easily. Additionally, less pressure is required. The hole design means seeds are collected and prevented from passing into your juice.

The Tea Infuser Module

Tea-lovers are in for a treat because of the straight-line grille opening design, that keeps tea leaves in full contact with the water at all times, leaving more space for the flavor to develop, and making the infuser itself easier to wash too!

The Chilling Wand Module

Keep your drinks cool for hours without affecting the taste. The chilling wand is made from surgical grade SUS316 stainless steel, which is safer and more resistant to both acids and alkalis than the SUS304 that is commonly used for food containers.

SKUZEE also incorporates a cup into the lid as part of its multi-purpose design.

Made from Liquid Silicon Rubber

SKUZEE is made from skin-friendly BPA-free food grade liquid silicon rubber, an extremely durable, chemical-resistant, and biocompatible material, which means SKUZEE is not harmful or toxic to the human body.

360-Degree Valve

The special patented water stop valve design is easy-to-open for drinking and pouring. You can pour your drink 360˚ and never worry about the direction of the flow. Or just open SKUZEE and drink from it directly. The built-in flow guiding design means liquids never accumulate in the lid so you will never spill a drop.

In Blue, Red & Green

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