Tackling the plastic waste epidemic, one reusable glass laundry bottle at a time!

The devastating rate at which we dispose of plastics is of growing concern and it’s the products we use on a daily basis that have a significant impact on the volume of waste; in the U.S. alone, consumers dispose of 900 million detergent bottle every year! Grove has been designed to encourage us to take a step in the direction of what may feel like the daunting and seemingly unachievable, plastic-free life.

This rather beautiful vessel replaces the disposable container that we are used to, whilst simultaneously introducing an element of considered design into our homes. Its designer recognized that if a more expensive, reusable container was to be successful, then it would require a connection with the user on a more emotional level. This led to Grove carrying a sustainable narrative which is wonderfully told through a product that offers an elevated user experience; a unique dosing mechanism and simple lid closure can be found towards the top of the bottle, which installs a sense of confidence in the user, whilst the glass body that’s been paired with the silicone base creates a product that we certainly wouldn’t want to hide in a cupboard!

Designer: ALQUEMY