The Anywhere-chair!

I remember seeing the Sitpack a while ago and thinking back to the times when foldable chairs were still pretty huge. The Sitpack was the kind of foldable chair that could fit inside your laptop bag, occupying as much space as a 500ml beverage can (and weighing lesser than it too). Sitpack’s claim to fame was that for something the size of an umbrella, it could give you the experience of sitting on a chair. The Sitpack would take most of your weight off your feet, while correcting your posture, working your core muscles, and making sure the blood to your feet kept flowing and your limbs didn’t fall asleep.

Slimmer, lighter, and much more comfortable than before, the Sitpack ZEN is the company’s redesign of their revolutionary product. While the original Sitpack came with two unfolding parts that comprised a T-shaped seat, it felt a lot like sitting on a railing. The Sitpack Zen however completely avoids that problem with its Y-shaped construction and the hammock-esque suspended seat that forms in the middle. The seat feels cushioned as compared to its predecessor, making you want to sit on it for longer intervals, without shifting position or breaking a sweat!

Every single detail of the Sitpack Zen is beautifully thought out and could make a great product design case study. The outer body is made from anodized aluminum, making it corrosion proof, rust-proof, and yet lightweight (in fact it’s said to be the lightest chair in the universe). The telescopic base comes in carbon fiber and aluminum variants. Both have incredible load-bearing strength, and slide in and out beautifully like a tripod. The legs can be height adjusted to your requirement to ensure you get the most comfortable seating experience, and the elastomer foot at the base will rest against any surface without slipping, making it not just ideal for outdoors, but even great for indoor use (at your standing desk at work, or waiting at the subway for your train). The most impressive element of the Zen however is its seat. When in the open configuration, the seat forms a suspended fabric bridge between the two aluminum arms of the Sitpack Zen, ensuring you get a seat that’s comfortable to sit on. Close the Sitpack Zen and the fabric seat turns into a rather nifty strap that you can use to carry the Sitpack Zen across your shoulder.

The Zen, much like its predecessor fits into the grip of your hand, and can even slide into a laptop bag. Designed with the brief of making a chair that occupies roughly the same footprint as a 500ml bottle, the Sitpack Zen is a must-have for photographers who spend a lot of time outdoors looking for the perfect shot, or even for the festival goer. Even suited well for indoor use, the Sitpack Zen is the perfect accompaniment to your standing desk, allowing you to make sure you’re never hunched over your workspace. Once done, the Zen can be folded up and stored on your desk or carried back with you, giving you a nice impromptu seat on the bus or train if there are no seats available or at the subway station if you’re waiting for long. The Sitpack Zen is officially the lightest and most portable seating device in the universe… so no matter where, you’ll always have a chair!

Designers: Theo Ginman & Jonas Lind-Bendixen

Click here to Buy Now: $59.00 $100.00













Click here to Buy Now: $59.00 $100.00