Steampunk makes everything cooler… even these playing cards

I may be entering this article with a slight bias, but I assure you it’s a healthy one. I rarely feature graphical designs on this platform, but these steampunk-styled playing cards are hard to ignore! Designed with immaculately beautiful visuals, the Art Of Steampunk (Vol 2) cards are a full deck of traditional playing cards with a non-traditional twist. Each card comes with a unique hand-drawn graphic printed on the front, and a spectacular steampunk gearbox on the back. With detailed vibrant prints, metallic accents, and high-quality papers, the cards are printed by the United States Playing Card Company and come with the highest of standards.

With the Art Of Steampunk playing cards, each individual card is an artpiece in its own right. Depending on which deck you choose (and there are multiple artwork decks to choose from), you get access to a unique catalog of 54 works of art spanning human characters dressed in steampunk garb as well as numbers styled in the iconic punk fashion. The different decks of cards showcase characters like magicians, warlocks, courtsmen, mercenaries, jokers, plague doctors, etc., with special number-specific decks too, if you just want something less ‘collectible-worthy’ and more traditional. Each deck of cards come with a special ‘K’ branded Kickstarter commemorative card, and a card with the signatures of the artists behind the visuals. The Tuck Case for the Art Of Steampunk cards is just as eye-catching as the cards within, with its own gearbox-inspired graphic.

The Art Of Steampunk Vol. 2 cards feature artworks that are entirely hand-drawn by a dedicated team of artists. The cards are printed on special sustainably sourced ‘forest-paper’ by the UPSCC with metallic inks, before being laminated and finished with an air-cushion finish for that perfect texture associated with high-quality poker cards. Go ahead and reserve your deck (before they’re all sold out) on the Kickstarter page below… it should serve you well, either as a spectacularly made art-collectible worth cherishing or as a deck of playing cards worthy of showing off to your friends when everyone can finally begin hosting poker nights again!


Click Here to Buy Now: $12. Hurry, only 12/144 left! Limited Edition, No Reprint!

The Art of Steampunk Playing Cards Vol.2

The limited edition unique custom-made album goes in A4 format with Steampunk hand-drawings of all the court cards, aces and 2 jokers.

The Story

Once upon a time, in a Victorian era that never existed, the world was full of marvelous contraptions that were both functional and beautiful. Wondrous objects harnessed lightning, let individuals fly and travel through time, and protected their eyes in the most fashionable way. This is, in part, the vision of the Steampunk deck, a spinoff of science fiction.

The back design

Steampunk has a few interesting facts even for those aware of the culture, as well as giving newcomers a reasonable basis in the culture. The “steam” refers to steam power-as in fire-breathing machines of antique locomotion. The “punk” is an important reference to an outsider attitude. In The Art of Steampunk, VOL.2 you’ll discover the captivating and dynamic world of this emerging genre through the creative vision of today’s leading Steampunk artist.

A Look at Inspiring Steampunk Art

Iconic imagery and lots of metal detailing, luxury colors for 54 playing cards of steampunk art: they are mesmerizing, they are inspiring, and they could be a little dark sometimes. But no matter how violent or industrial you see these pieces to be, the ingenuity and creativity that lies behind them are just as inspiring as any other piece of art. With more than fifty two colorful playing cards, The Art of Steampunk, VOL.2 remains the unique deck on the subject of Steampunk.

The ACES are decorated in clockwork mechanism style with spiral springs and set of gears details. Objects ran from jewelry made of gemstones, watches and keyholes. The card design gives the illusion that they actually have metal and stone parts on them.

The Court Cards follow the characters in Steampunk outfit with heavy gun, bowler hat, goggle and military-inspired garments. As for design, there are no clear guidelines, but you see a huge contribution from the Victorian era: corsets, bustles, petticoats, and gowns – all with a modern twist to them.

Accessorizing meant using parasols, timepieces, ray guns, and flying goggles. You also see a lot of post-apocalyptic elements like gas masks and ragged clothing. There is also military-inspired clothing, suits with waistcoats, top hats, and the like.

The Pips

The PIPS combines elements of techno-fantasy imagery in mechanical steampunk style. In the VOL.2 they decided to make classic Number Cards, with smooth and elegant design for those who use standard decks as a regular go-to, but still a pleasure to play and perform with.

The Back Design

Inspired by old-world luxury, the line art pays homage to a vintage sophisticated aesthetic. The art in the backside is tastefully displayed with care to highlight the unique qualities that elicited the inclusion in the deck. In addition to the visually stunning backside, you can see how artist use watch and clock parts, with lots of gears and mechanical moving parts: Clockwork movements, and how he was drawn to this distinctive artistic style. The details displayed exemplify the range and beauty encompassed by the Steampunk movement.

Deck Features

– Printed by The United States Playing Card Company.
– 100% completely custom designed cards, including art, pips, royalty, backs, everything.
– Packaged in a Custom Tuck Case.
– 56 cards including a full 52 card deck, plus 2 Jokers, the unique special “K” (Kickstarter) card & the card with Authors Signatures.
– Normal sized poker deck of playing cards.
– Air-Cushion Finish. Also known as Magic Finish.
– Traditional Cut.
– Everything is drawn by hand.
– The playing cards will have a metallic ink to make them shine more.

Click Here to Buy Now: $12. Hurry, only 12/144 left! Limited Edition, No Reprint!