Solar-powered, all-electric Living Vehicle 2024 HD trailer lets you experience true freedom without limits

Freedom from everyday mundane life; freedom from the RV parks; and freedom to live in the outdoors for as long as you desire: The ability to provide this level of independence is the most critical feature that sets the Living Vehicle 2024 HD apart from the rest.

For the desirous of freedom without limits, a travel trailer can be a great option. With a travel trailer, you have the flexibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want, without being tied to a fixed location. But when you want true freedom, you’ll require a sustainable living solution designed to face challenges of extreme weather, power crises, and water scarcity. Enter 2024 HD trailer, loosely “the most powerful trailer on Earth,” designed as all-electric trailer with reliance on solar energy for its power and functionality.

Designer: Living Vehicle

Made as an ultimate off-grid travel trailer, the Living Vehicle’s HD line-up thrives on advanced energy storage capabilities that permit full-time off-the-grid living with backup fuel options and perpetual resource generation. This system ensures a self-sustaining and resilient living experience with its coveted solar power, which is more than most residential homes.

Talking about the unparalleled off-grid livability and emphasis on luxury mobile living, the Living Vehicle Co-Founder Joanna Hofmann narrates a befitting scenario. “Imagine being surrounded by snow-capped mountains and having all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, such as a king bed, spa-style rain shower, and a chef-designed kitchen. All made possible without any connections to utilities.”

On the outside, the ‍Living Vehicle HD is built with marine-grade materials. Available in HD Core, Max, and Pro models; each is custom-built to offer meaningful facilities for the intuitive needs of the user. The setting inside allows multiple bedroom configurations to make the HD compatible for up to 6 people.

One extreme end of the trailer features the king bedroom suite in 150 sq ft with sectional overhead storage and a 6-foot height closet. For its ability to withstand the harshest environments, the Living Vehicle HD is fully insulated with 100 percent rigid closed-cell foam, which ensures the interior is cool at 120°F and moderate in sub-zero, -4°F (coupled with a Mini-Split electric heating system).

Provided on the other extreme is a convertible lounge to queen bed and mid-way the trailer is an option for a EuroLoft bed for additional two guests. Deploying the lift bed is as simple as a press of a button and the bed is ready in a matter of seconds. Adjacent to the lounge cum dining is the 4K Home Theater system with an integrated Hi-Fi wireless audio system.

With electrified chef’s kitchen and spa-style bathroom, comprising a compost toilet, outdoor extendable shower, and ample water storage tanks, the all-season electric trailer has a foldable deck for outdoor living. The innovative system onboard creates water from humidity in the air, while 72kWh of energy storage and 18kW of power take care of all the energy requirements. And to render the trailer capable of operating entirely off-grid, a 98-pound propane tank is also included.

Inventive siding roof with solar panels, or solar awning, if you like, the Living Vehicle HD trailer can double the amount of solar when camped than when it is being towed. The roof slides on both sides opening up more PV panels underneath and this extension becomes an awning for the patio deck. According to the Press Release, the Living Vehicle HD lineup is expected to begin shipping in 2024 starting at about $459,995.