The Google PixelBook Pro concept combines the best of all worlds

It’s only fitting that I showcase this project today, which happens to be Google’s 22nd birthday! The PixelBook Pro concept, created by India-based designer Ayush Singh Patel (who coincidentally happens to share his birthday with Google too), is an ode to the very best elements of all laptops and phones, combined into one product… If Google is a search-aggregator that finds the best results based on a query, the PixelBookPro is a Chromebook that aggregates the greatest elements of consumer tech into one well-made device.

On the UI front, it feels every bit like a Chromebook – robust, reliable, great for an entire day’s worth of regular computing, but on the design front, you’ll notice that it shares the flexibility of the Lenovo Yoga series (with a similar hinge detail), the general silver aesthetic of the MacBook line (even with a silver G on the back of the screen), a flat metal edge that’s highly characteristic of the iPad Pro (and even the upcoming iPhone 12, according to rumors), an Alcantara-fabric base surrounding the keyboard as found in Microsoft’s Surface Pro, ASUS ROG-inspired cooling vents on the back, and Bang & Olufsen audio-drivers above the keys as found in HP’s Envy and Pavilion laptop series. By absorbing all the best bits from laptops over the past couple of years, the PixelBook Pro really shows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery because the overall Chromebook definitely does look appealing. It’s sleek, flexible, well-vented, comfortable to type on, and at the end of the day, delivers a great ChromeOS experience that people have come to love over the years.

Designer: Ayush Singh Patel