This clover-inspired table has expanding ‘leaves’ that increase its size by 4x!

Based on the geometry of an octahedron, the Clover Table by Peter Nasielski comes with a metal frame, a central tabletop surface, and three wooden leaves that fold outwards to expand the table’s surface-area by 400%.

The Clover Table’s expanding design is uniquely appealing because of two key elements… One, the fact that the table’s design doesn’t focus on its space-expanding nature… the Clover Table looks like any chic, minimalist table when closed. And Two, the way the Clover expands is so simple and fun, it gives it a positive interactive element that’s useful and worthy of showing off!

Perfect for small apartments, balconies, or backyards, the Clover table gives you the convenience of compact size along with the flexibility of expanding it when friends come over… and who knows, its clover-inspiration may bring it some luck too!

Designer: Peter Nasielski