The ultimate table lamp is perfect for studying, parties, midnight fridge-raids, and can even charge your phone

Back in the 20th century, a lamp was just a lamp. It had a bulb, a switch, and either a battery or a cable that connected to a plug socket. Today, the term Lamp doesn’t have those simpler definitions. Meet the rather ironically named Boring Lamp – it comes with a power source as well as a built-in battery. It can be both height and angle-adjusted on its sleek base, or detached entirely to be used as a light baton for walking around the house, or a lightsaber for play-fights with your friends, siblings, or kids. The lamp features individually addressable LEDs that shine in a variety of colors (including gradients) and even respond to music, and if all that wasn’t enough, the Boring Lamp’s base comes with a 15W wireless charger for your phone and TWS earbuds.

Designer: The Boring Lamp

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The first thing that strikes you with the Boring Lamp (aside from that name) is the design. It’s slick, to say the least, and features a baton-shaped light attached to a cylindrical stand, with the ability to adjust its angle, tilt, and height. The entire lamp, base and all, is made from metal, giving it a minimalism that the modern tech enthusiast would appreciate, while also allowing the lamp to easily dissipate any heat generated by the 54 high-quality LEDs built into the lamp’s lighting system. The LEDs can be activated by a simple tap on the end of the lamp, and tapping again can let you cycle between warm, cool, gradient, and music-reactive modes, while long-tapping lets you adjust the LED brightness.

The Boring Lamp’s modular, magnetic design makes it easy to install, disassemble, and replace.

The slide rail design allows for height adjustment, and the lamp arm rotates 360° for perfect illumination, exactly where you need it.

The Boring Lamp’s modular magnetic design and unique lamp bracket make it easy to transform into a monitor light bar which you can place above your screen for a space-saving solution.

It comes with a built-in mic that syncs with the beat of your music or even clapping and stomps.

Colors can sync with the colors of movies and games- experience a new level of immersion like you’ve never seen before.

Can also use a battery module to transform into a portable Light Sword.

Where the Boring Lamp really differs from others is in its ability to detach from its base to become a battery-powered wireless light. When you don’t need a table lamp, just unplug the lamp element from its stand and use it as a standalone handheld torch instead of your smartphone flashlight. The lamp also plugs right into its base as a vertical pillar of light, or even onto desktop monitor mounts that let it double as a much more tailor-made light-bar that illuminates your keyboard and workspace without the base eating into your table’s real estate. This versatile approach to lighting allows the Boring Lamp to transform into jus the kind of light you need, whether it’s a warm light to read a book under, a cool light to keep you alert as you send that important email, or just a glowing, ever-changing ambient gradient that dances to music to keep the party going, and to keep your life anything EXCEPT boring…

The name Boring Lamp probably comes from the fact that it’s the antithesis of a ‘smart’ lamp that has its own app and interface. The Boring Lamp doesn’t require an app, given that it works just fine entirely on its own, providing versatility and functionality in the same heartbeat. The lamp does, however, charge your smartphone thanks to a 15W wireless charger built right into its base. Designed to work with a device kept at any orientation, the Boring Lamp’s base can fast-charge your phone or even your TWS earbuds simply by placing them in the charging zone.

Each Boring Lamp is built with a design that’s equal parts sleek and durable. The slim outer frame comes made from aluminum, offering a lightweight design while being able to rapidly dissipate heat, while the LEDs in the lamp are rated with a 60,000 hour lifespan, giving your Boring Lamp more than a decade’s worth of use. The Boring Lamp starts at $79 for its bare-basics version, although for $99 you can grab the lamp along with all its accessories, including the desktop monitor mount.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $199 (50% off). Hurry, only 23 left!