Flair for your Square of Air

Modern times being what they are, with sky high real estate prices and space in most larger cities running out quickly, designers are constantly put to task and have made “Necessity the Mother of Invention” yet again. Apartment living can be both practical and convenient for urban centric lifestyles, but the limited space available in most squares-of-air is usually enough to drive us to prescription drugs. I’m not really sure Tyler Durden would approve, but creating your little utopia in the sky just got a easier. Introducing the “Summer at the Balcony” by Christian Lessing. This multi-piece balcony wall unit looks inspired by retail store shelves and displays. By allowing for the easy adjustment of any number of surfaces, from a stool, to a bistro table, to even a flower pot holder, designing your perfect balcony space is easy as finding a Gap in mid-town Manhattan.

Designer: Christian Lessing