The next generation of chinos comes with stain-repelling fabric, RFID-blocking pockets and custom made for you

It’s perfectly normal to demand more from the stuff you own. Great products are ones that are designed through observation, taking into consideration how they’re used and adding features based on those observations. A hundred years ago, the requirements of a pair of pants were vastly different from the requirements of a pair of pants in today’s day and age, which is what prompted the team at Woodies to revisit how pants are made, worn, and used. Meet the Next Generation Performance Chinos… they may look like your classic pair of trousers, but are more than that. They come with an impeccable fit, a stretchable fabric that encourages freedom of movement, a stain-repellent coating that keeps the pants clean for longer, a reflective inseam that allows you to be visible in low-light, a pair of zippered back pockets that make storing your cash and valuables much safer, and a one-of-a-kind RFID-blocking pocket on the front for your cards and your phone. Most of those features were either impossible or unnecessary a hundred years ago, but we’re living in modern times, and the Next Generation Performance Chinos were sort of built to reflect that.

At its heart, the Next Generation Performance Chinos are a modern classic, with a style that’s evergreen – perfect for lounging at home in, or stepping out for a coffee in, or even heading to work in. The chinos, by design, are made to look great and also fit you perfectly, thanks to Woodies’ advanced sizing algorithms that help them capture your body type and tailor-make pants that fit you perfectly (they even guarantee the perfect fit). The fabric for the pants are made from a blend of premium cotton + polyester + elastane, and come with a specialized coating that helps them resist wrinkling, repel water/stains, and even block odor (in other words – more wearing, less washing). The cotton fabric gives the chinos their breathability, quickly wicking moisture so you’re always cool and breezy while wearing them, and stretch in all directions to ensure absolute freedom of movement.

The choice of fabric is complemented by the chinos’ clever design. 6 pockets give you the ability to carry practically everything you need. Two zippered pockets on the back provide a physical barrier against theft, while a unique RFID-blocking pocket on the front helps prevent digital theft. The custom clasp button on the front comes with a promise to last you through multiple years of wearing, while a reflective inseam is revealed when you fold your pants up, making you visible in low-light settings.

Each pair of Next Generation Performance Chinos are manufactured sustainably and built specifically upon order to prevent the creation of fashion-waste. They come in a variety of classic colors, are built to fit you perfectly, and for the first time ever, give chinos a modern upgrade to suit your modern lifestyle. After all, we’ll be sending humans to Mars within the decade… the least we could ask for are a pair of smartly-designed pants that also reflect how far we’ve come!

Designer: Woodies

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The Next Generation Performance Chinos

The Next Generation Performance Chinos are custom made for you (no one else). They use advanced sizing algorithms to calculate your measurements and guarantee a perfect fit for any size.

Features & Benefits

Two secure zippered back pockets.

Hidden RFID blocking front pocket.

Roll up your pants at night, and walk or ride with peace of mind; the makers have sewn an innovative reflective seam into the inside of the pants.

Maintain a clean look even after a rigorous bike ride. The Performance Chinos 2.0 are wrinkle resistant.

Their state of the art fabric is stain repellent.

Their pants move with you and keep up with your demanding day. Work from home, bike to work or take the long haul flight in comfort.

Premium hardware includes YKK zippers to custom snap button closure… Your pants will be looking great for years to come.

The pants are the perfect year-round weight, and the moisture-wicking technology will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Fabric & Colors

An ideal blend of 51% premium cotton, 45% polyester, 4% elastane, this fabric is sturdy enough to last, and great for year round wear. The Next Generation Performance Chinos are available in 6 classic colors: True Navy, Jet Black, Stone Grey, Classic Khaki, Light Grey and Burgundy.

Sustainable Sourcing

Fashion is the second most wasteful industry in the world, with over $5 billion dollars of clothing being wasted annually. Fast fashion and mass manufacturing have created an epidemic of unsold merchandise (read here) and waste.

At Woodies, they believe in Micro Manufacturing, not mass manufacturing. They make everything on demand.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $165 ($66 off).