This lamp’s collapsible design also controls its brightness

The Z-Lamp’s collapsible feature isn’t just to make it portable enough to carry around with you. That ridged silicone shade does allow you to expand or contract the lamp’s overall design, but in turn, it helps control the lamp’s overall brightness too.

Derived from ‘zhé’, the Chinese word for ‘fold’, the Z-Lamp comes with a collapsible silicone clad that sits over its LED-base. The clad’s ridged design allows it to expand and contract, allowing the lamp to grow bigger or smaller. Expand the entire silicone cover and it acts as a large diffuser, scattering more light in all directions… compact it and the diffuser’s size reduces, dimming the LED’s intensity. Simple, smart, and engaging!

The Z-Lamp is a winner of the K-Design Award for the year 2020

Designers: Ren Peng & Ye Jitong