Man invented cooking with fire. The Brava oven reinvented it.

Every few years we come across a technology that redefines an industry. The cooking world saw its last revolution with microwaves, but things have been pretty stagnant from thereon… until now. The Brava Oven takes the oven a step further and uses a technology that they call Pure Light cooking. Here’s what it can do. It can instantly reach temperatures of 500°F from room temperature in a single second… and its cooking range is so well-defined, that the Brava Oven can, on one cooking tray, cook three different meals at three separate temperatures!

It sounds almost magical, but the Brava Oven uses a sort of infrared technology to eliminate the need to pre-heat an oven. In literally an instant, the oven can reach any desired temperature and cook the food within. The Brava also comes with a single tray that has three separate zones. The makers claim that their proprietary Pure Light technology can focus the heat within the zones so perfectly, you can cook three different dishes at three different temperatures, at the same time. Imagine being able to make instant meals, from meats to grilled veggies, to toasted buns, all at the same time, in the same oven! Neither do you need extra utensils, nor do you need to waste time pre-heating the oven. Brava claims their technology can cook meats perfectly, getting them to the exact level of sear you want… and since their Pure Light system works in an instant, the cooking can not just start in a jiffy, but can stop at exactly the right time too, making sure your food is never burnt!

The design of Brava reflects the modernity of the technology within it. A pure, clean surface treatment makes it look less like an oven and more avant-garde, like a 3D printer. It even comes with a beautifully textured surface on top that isn’t just alluring to the eye, it also acts as a surface to rest your food before or after cooking. The Brava also comes with a touchscreen interface to control it. You can pretty much decide what cooking techniques you want on your food, and even select cooking styles from the recipes that Brava provides, tailor-made for your oven. Choose a recipe, arrange the ingredients in their zones on the cooking tray, and set the cooking style (as per each zone) on the touchscreen display. The Brava does the rest, making sure each individual element is cooked to absolute perfection, in literally half the time you’d originally take. And once you’re done, all you have to do is wash one baking tray. I could get used to this… I really could.

Designer: Brava