This meditation pod for workplaces reduces anxiety and helps you focus, improving productivity!

Looking like a portal from the future, or perhaps, some other inhabitable planet – this meditation pod is a godsent installation for current stressful times. Designed in a way to lend you the much needed “me time” the pod is the brain-child of OpenSeed. They believe that the “human race will access higher states of awareness, not through external technological developments, but by taking the journey within.” And their meditation pods are conceptualized with that core intention.

In the chaotic city life, where one doesn’t get a chance to revitalize, OpenSeed has a cool reason to recharge your mind, body, and soul even in crowded spaces. Ideally made for workplaces, luxury hotels, airport lounges, and public settings – this meditation pod is an amalgam of visual, audio, and sensory input for the user to calm down and take the journey inwards. The womb-shaped design aims to quiet the mind chatter and elevate performance for increased productivity. To achieve this, OpenSeed has got a tested and ideal mix of therapeutic ambient sounds matched with the lighting and essential oils to transition the senses to a happy state.

To get the maximum benefits, one can use the pod solo by sitting in a cross-legged position or even three people can simultaneously use it for group therapy. One can opt for the audio via headphones or choose to experience calmness with the immersive concealed speakers. If you’re already worried about exhaustion, the insulated pod has a temperature-controlled environment courtesy four fans. OpenSeed has been mindful enough to fit it with sanitizing UV lights because of the changing times and the urge for personal hygiene more than ever.

The pod structure is made out of plywood and the interiors have felt which provide able noise isolation. There is a touchscreen tablet for selecting the guided meditations and sound therapies to immerse you in the experience completely. According to OpenSeed, the standing pod will carry a price tag of $25,000 for the standard version and another $2,000 for the premium variant which comes with an advanced sound package.

Designer: OpenSeed