The Urwahn Bike is German Design and Precision at its Best

Pure, perfect, and no frills attached is probably the best way to describe Urwahn’s bikes. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the bikes showcase a new aesthetic where sketches were brought to life without any compromise, a rarity in the design world. While the transition from a 2D sketch to a 3D product often means allowing for a few manufacturing/engineering constraints to change the design, the Stadtfuchs bike stays true to its original aesthetic, looking as good as the designer’s interpretation, while boasting of functionality and precision that Germans are all too familiar with.

Made with a flowy aesthetic that one would usually see in carbon fiber frames, the Stadtfuchs is, in fact, all stainless steel. Relying on an assembly of precision casted joints, the Stadtfuchs achieves an aesthetic that’s quite groundbreaking for a commuter bike and ever compensates rough underground. At the same time the Stadtfuchs boasts of a clean design that elevates your riding experience, reduces maintenance efforts and comes with a design that also helps deter theft.

The Stadtfuchs does a pretty neat job of integrating their headlamp and taillamp into the frame with an almost alien-esque organic bump. Powered by a dynamo generator in the front wheel hub, the lights are small yet powerful, blinking as they illuminate one’s path while indicating your presence to other drivers/riders on the road. The bike even comes with a GPS chip integrated into its frame that allows you to track its whereabouts knowing where you’ve parked it, or if it gets nicked and components secured by Hexlox so that individual parts can’t be stolen.

Easily one of the better-looking concepts for the urban commuter, the Stadtfuchs promises to deliver on the functionality front, with its Gates Carbon belt drive tensioned by an integrated bottom bracket and Shimano Alfine hydraulic disc brakes, while making the ride through the urban jungle much easier, thanks to its Brooks Cambium saddle and its innovative frame design that beautifully marries a minimal aesthetic with functionality and strength, staying true to both the designer and engineer’s vision… something that’s incredibly rare.

Designer: Sebastian Meinecke

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