This self-driving pod can be used to transport either humans or carry cargo

Chosen as the winner of a competition hosted by autonomous network transit (ANT) company Dromos, this self-driving pod designed by PriestmanGoode is capable of safely carrying humans as well as acting as a logistical truck to deliver consignments. Envisioned to cater to the demands of the 21st century, the pod needed to be safe, reliable, and affordable, focusing on modularity, sustainability, and flexibility of use.

The pod boasts of a minimalist design with a skateboard-style electric platform on top of which rests the pod’s body. With a schematic that closely resembles MUJI x Sensible 4’s Gacha bus, the pod is built to comfortably seat two people spaced apart, or store cargo, based on its use. “This type of mass transit has become even more relevant now. Not only does it answer the first and last mile problem, which is one of the key issues we’re always trying to solve in public transport, but it’s also particularly suitable for a post-pandemic world where passengers are more concerned about hygiene and safety”, says Paul Priestman, Designer and Chairman of PriestmanGoode.

Wide doors provide ideal access for humans as well as for storing baggage/consignments, while an open skylight helps illuminate the inside of the vehicle during the day. An interactive screen on the opposite side of the access door provides relevant ride-related information. The pod operates on an on-demand system, and can be booked using an app. Its autonomous infrastructure ensures it can function 24/7, while the electric powertrain helps bring down overall transportation costs. Moreover, the pods build on Dromos’ autonomous network transit system, with nearby stops within up to 100m of any location, and direct entry into buildings for effectively and safely delivering freight, or transporting humans from A to B.

Designer: PriestmanGoode