Pininfarina co-created high-end simulators to relive the rush of racing in the era of classic cars!

Flashback in time and the nostalgia of classic Formula-1 cars racing down the straights, makes you want to time travel that era. Sure, modern driving simulators are one way to satiate your craving but the overall sensory experience is something that takes a hit. Amongst the sea of new-age simulators that traverse you to the realms of a pure adrenaline rush, the TCCT eClassic driving simulator gives you reason enough to feel the heat of the championship battles.

Designed in close quarters with Zagato and Pininfarina – the two big names in car design – this simulator brings classic vintage car racing to a new dimension. TCCT eClassic Club members can drive precious classic cars for the racing rush by participating in the club’s racing programs and championships. Amateur users can use the support services offered by the racing academy to improve driving skills and then, later on, take on the pros for bragging rights. Using today’s technology to experience the thrill of yesteryears – the TCCT eClassic driving simulator is created by Racing Unleashed. Unlike other racing simulators they’ve been accustomed to creating, this one is draped in classic elements for obvious reasons. The steering wheel has a wooden crown, the gear shifter is a manual transmission and the interior leather upholstery carries that 70s vibe.

To immerse the driver in action, eClassic simulator has active hydraulic pistons for experiencing every sharp turn and bumps on the chicanes. One of the simulators takes the form of the two-seater Cisitalia 202 GT having the flowing aerodynamic design. Combined with the panning 46-inch ViewSonic screens for visual awesomeness, you are in for the ride of your life once the engines start.

It is befitting that the simulator carries a price tag of approximately $7,130 (6,000 euros). Though you can only get a seat aboard one in 2021 when it is slated to be available!

Designers: TCCT with Pinnafarina and Zagato.