The Bugatti Next-57 Concept looks like a glorious Chariot from a steampunk future!

Every car sits somewhere on a spectrum ranging from utilitarianism to craftsmanship. Some cars are more utilitarian than others, other cars showcase a level of artistry that makes them truly stand out… the Bugatti Next-57, I’d argue, sits so far on the artistic end of the spectrum that it really pushes the boundaries of how beautiful a car could look. Created as an homage to the classic Bugatti 57, the Next-57 celebrates every inch of the vintage car by modernizing it, exaggerating it, and making it even more beautiful. The result? A chariot fit for a king, with an incredibly elegant long body that tapers off at the front expose the axles on the front wheels, giving a chariot-like appearance, along with an interior that’s ensconced in luxurious red suede.

The black and red combination are a statement in their own right. Giving the car its mysterious, million-bucks appearance, the chariot’s gloss-black exterior is a magnet for sharp highlights and high contrasts, making it look like a jewel on the road. The car’s long body starts with its edge-lit headlights, sitting between the externally-placed wheels. The wheels are covered by fenders that half-cover it, revealing the luxurious constellation-inspired rims behind, that shine and rotate as the wheels turn.

Move your eye upwards and you arrive at the hood, which comes with its own flair that extends from the front and travels all the way to the top at the roof, creating a physical division that parts the driver’s view into left and right – perhaps not the most useful of details, but it’s worth remembering that the Next-57 is conceptual. This detail mirrors the original 57’s own aesthetic which came with its own metal spine that ran through the center of the car from front to back. The hood then develops an umbrella-esque texture before meeting the car’s rear, which features an elegant edge-lit taillight running from side to bottom to side.

The Bugatti Next-57 is a pretty long car, but it’s still made for just one rider. The car’s door opens to reveal a plush cockpit, draped in red suede. The seat even rotates to face you (almost as if it’s greeting you) and rotates back to face the dashboard once you’re seated. Get the car running and its electric engine powers to life (the use of a textured glass panel instead of a radiator grille leads me to believe the Next-57 has an electric heart)… and if you think the car is a pleasure to look at while it’s standing still, just watching the way the wheels and elongated fenders rotate as you steer the car should easily give you goosebumps! Hey Siri, what’s my heart-rate?

Designer: doinnext_cong