This solar camper trailer comes equipped with a full kitchen + a retractable roof for star-gazing!

Do you always imagine yourself lying under the starry sky gazing at the vastness of the universe – living a life connected to nature and every single day is an adventure unknown to where the road takes you? Then you need to consider getting yourself a camper trailer that provides the luxury of a home, and the opportunity to lie down on your back to lull into sleep while appreciating the wonders of nature.

Crafted in the Netherlands, Lume Traveler is somewhere between an airstream trailer and a caravan – offering cozy luxury on the go. According to founder Hein van de Laar, “It was my dream to enjoy outdoor life with the comfort of home; to sleep under the stars in a top-notch bed, to cook outside with a full-fledged stove. And all of that in the most beautiful spots in nature. This dream is what led to the beautifully-designed Lume Traveler.” The niche aspect of the trailer sitting on Knott chassis and 15-inch wheels is the soft-top fabric convertible roof (6-foot long and 3.6 foot wide) that lets you enjoy panoramic views of the night sky on the adjustable double bed after a tiring day’s journey. To make sure you don’t have bugs and insects infesting the interiors, there’s a built-in transparent screen to keep them out. On the inside, the trailer is as plush as it can get – the teak flooring, leather rear wall and the gray walls featuring soft dirt-repellent wool felt roll-up curtains. You can also go for the trim options for the rear wall that include wood and linen, or the oak and linoleum flooring option.

To the outside is where a foodie would be tempted to go on a bright sunny day for cooking a sumptuous meal. Lume Traveler’s rear opens up to reveal the expansive kitchen area that has everything you would want from a luxury apartment. It has PITT gas burners, washbasin, faucet, a cutting board lid that doubles as a sink, and a gas grill connected with the extra gas connection. Down below sits a 40-liter fridge concealed underneath the counter area on one side. Adjacent to it is the upper storage section for cookware and dishes.

The 100-Watt solar panel on top of the roof takes care of all the energy requirements for a seamless life on the road. For buyers who don’t want to stop at all those conveniences, there’s the optional 32-in flat screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, or a seven-speaker Bose audio system. The flagship trim of the Lume Traveler costs around $53,500 while the basic one comes for $47,700, and if you want the barebones version with nothing inside so that you can tailor it to your liking, you’ll have to shell out $32,500.

Designer: Lume Traveler