Modern Day Mad-Max Motors

50% impossible, 50% real vehicle, and 100% awesomeness, the Apocalyptic Vehicle series by Jomar Machado gives us a taste of what our rides would look like if the world collapsed into collective chaos.

An early adopter of 3D modeling (back in 1994), Machado became a master of his craft. His love for the art and production of films like Star Trek, Stars Wars, Babylon 5, Dune and Blade Runner helped him develop a distinct style, something very evident from his current work. The vehicles below (and above) combine real cars with impossible technology and military grade weapons to give us something that looks right out of Death Race, or Carmageddon, or Mad Max (but less dusty).

After intensive research of each vehicle (during which he collects up to 150 pictures) he begins modeling. This can take two weeks to finish. From Mustangs to Dodges and Bugattis, he transforms the original cars, as we know them into motorcars of mayhem with everything from armored windows, to turret guns for headlights. Do check out his blog for more in his apocalyptic automotive armory!

Designer: Jomar Machado