Nike transforms a Boeing 787 interior to keep pro athletes rejuvenated and healthy on the fly!

None compares to Teague when we talk about designing interiors of Boeing commercial airliners. So, how could they resist the temptation to craft the interiors of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner tailor-made for pro athletes? The Seattle-based cross-discipline design firm collaborated with Nike to come up with the Athlete’s Plane that keeps athletes in top playing condition, even when they traverse three timezones to play a crucial away game. Specifically designed for a basketball team, the airborne facility has everything a player needs to be 100 percent mentally and physically fit to negate the “away disadvantage.” To extract the best performance out of players, when it matters, the quality of travel is important – for the team staff as well. To this end, Teague closely interviewed professional players, coaches, and operational staff to conceptualize this athlete-centric Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s interior.

Once the problem was identified, Teague worked with expert designers and trainers from Nike to design particular zones with the intended purpose. They are segregated into – recovery areas for rejuvenation, workout decks for muscle toning, sleep, and review zones for analyzing past game data. The recovery areas are dedicated to accelerating body repair and there are in-flight biometric monitoring urinals too. Players also benefit from the compression sleeves embedded on the aircraft’s sidewall. Interestingly, the embedded sensors on the athletes’ garments keep track of the health statistics and send alerts to the accompanying staff if something needs to be tended to.

Keeping in mind the height of basketball players, the lie-flat seats are ideal for relaxed body posture. The ambiance of this area is tuned for relaxation to give the individuals their own personal space. Here players can also review game clips thanks to the OLED screens and large touchscreen monitors. Sleep is vital to keep the body and mind in perfect condition for any activity. On-board this airliner, the players benefit from an interior aptly created to promote healthy sleep, even during long flights. For players who have had enough sleep for the flight, moving down to the lower deck for socializing and having a coffee could be an option. In this section, the players will find café tables and benches that convert into beds for a quick nap.

Designer: Teague