A Designer’s Dream Hotel


From gel pens and dotted notebooks to transparent toothbrushes and perfectly tailored shirts, MUJI has been an integral part of my life and many others around the world. Founded in Japan in 1980, MUJI’s origin was a thorough rationalization of the manufacturing process with an eye to creating simple, low-cost, good quality products.

Opening their first hotel, MUJI has done what I’ve only ever dreamt of and filled an entire building with their gorgeously designed and manufactured products, and are allowing people to use them and live amongst them. Opening up early next year, the MUJI hotel will consist of 79 guest rooms and feature recycled woods, cloudy plastics (Polycarbonate) and many other materials that follow the brand’s signature aesthetic of their furniture and accessories from their line. MUJI has ensured that every fine detail, even down to the texture of the towels and the grains of the recycled wood has been considered heavily and settled on to ensure one’s trip is as mindful and restorative as possible.

Designer: MUJI