This futuristic sportswear collection with strategically distributed weights is giving us a cool, Wakanda-vibe!

When it comes to buying sportswear, we’re always advised to go down the lightweight route. ‘Your workout outfit should be as light and fluid as possible’ – this is what’s been drilled into our heads, and this is exactly where Omorpho is breaking all the rules. Launched by former Nike executive Stefan Olander, Omorpho is the newest sportswear brand in town, and their latest Gravity Sportswear collection is quite literally turning heads. The collection promises to make the wearer, “fitter, faster, and stronger”.

Stefan Olander said, “We’ve always been told that what we wear for sports and fitness should be as lightweight as possible, but the first thing we do to get stronger and fitter is add resistance. So why not build it into what we wear?” And this does seem possible. Wondering how? We have one word for you…’MicroLoad’. Omorpho makes sports apparel heavier, rather than lighter. And it does so, by strategically distributing small amounts of weight (in the form of little beads) across a vest, tops, and bottoms, in an attempt to increase and improve your fitness, power, and speed.

The beads are called ‘Gravity Spheres’, and are created from polyurethane. In fact, the addition of these bulbous spheres can increase your vertical jump by 9 percent, power by 8 percent, and speed by three percent (proven by studies, of course). And, not to mention, besides the immense functionality of this collection, it also has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics. All the products are sleek, futuristic, and absolute attention grabbers. And, they make you look like you’ve just stepped out of Black Panther. Wakanda Forever!

“Sports apparel today is optimized for competition, but most people compete for less than 1 percent of the time,” Stefan Olander, co-founder of Omorpho, said in a release. “We’ve created a beautiful and functional collection for the other 99 percent using a completely new approach to deliver better results by adding small amounts of weight that don’t restrict movement.” And that’s the magic of MicroLoad. The naturally distributed weight is light enough to let you move with your usual speed and intensity, while also challenging the active muscles, by placing weight on the parts of your body that are moving.

The premium performance fabrics used to create the Gravity Sportswear collection provide utmost comfort and elasticity during any type of training. The intriguing gravity spheres are placed strategically across the apparel for peak functionality, and to help build strength, speed, and endurance.

Named after the Greek word meaning beautiful, Omorpho attempts to challenge the age-old misconception that lightweight apparel is the key to a better workout. And I do believe it successfully does so with its Gravity Sportswear collection. You can now achieve better fitness results, increase the effectiveness of your training, and challenge your muscles even more intensely – by simply changing what you wear!

Designer: Omorpho