Picking This Apart

One tooth pick is nothing but hundreds of thousands combined and it becomes a marvelous piece of art. That’s because of a special characteristic we instinctually see – patterns. Wisteria was used to make this massive wood sculpture called Lune Blanche which means white moon.  All those toothpicks… my teeth and gums are actually scared right now.

Designer: Ah-young Yi


  • Great looking although it sort of reminds me of a banana (or in the last picture- a banana hammock lol)

  • AG says:

    Are these actually toothpicks, or just long strips of wood?

    Looks very uncomfortable for someone my size (6 ft).

    • YI, Ah-young says:

      Thank you for your attention
      These are not toothpicks.
      These are jusr wistarias that are thin and long wood.

  • Wen-z says:

    Looks very beautiful
    I like it

  • i would love a close up shop to show the ‘toothpicks’ and how they are held together.. i guess i am a skeptic? i would love to see a nice macro shot!

  • Lovely piece regardless of if it is really made of toothpicks or not. Tho, I would still like to see the macro shot of the toothpicks 🙂

    I may have to feature this piece on my blog, can you point me to where the artists’ website is? I did a Google search and see lots of work but no site for the artist. Thanks!

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