This transforming furniture goes from a standing peg tree to a wall-mount, adapting to your child’s needs!

I know there are some items from my childhood bedroom I wish I kept around to repurpose for my current bedroom as an ode to not only the long-lasting relevancy but also the potential longevity of the design. While I loved my Winnie-the-Pooh wallpaper, night lamps, and bedspread as a kid, I’m talking about those timeless designs like toddler-sized hardwood stools and miniature treasure chests that could be repurposed as nightstands and jewelry armoires. Pupupula, a self-described lifestyle brand for kids aged 1-100 based in Beijing, designs household products with that intent in mind, their aim being to produce simple and innovative designs that will adapt to the changing needs that come with aging.

Pupupula recently debuted their Tree Clothes Rack Series that transforms through the years from a simple wooden clothing rack to either wall-mountable or upright coat racks. While the construction process is fairly involved, including lots of heavy-duty machine operation and precision detail sanding, assembling Tree Clothes Rack’s initial form is simplified as a result. Requiring few, if any tools for assembly, the Tree Clothes Rack Series utilizes wooden pegs and corresponding holes in order to transform into different structures that adapt to the user’s varying and evolving needs. Once Tree Clothes Rack’s preliminary product reaches the end of its life cycle, it can later be transformed into either a single-beam, pegged coat rack or one that’s wall-mountable.

When users first set up their Tree Clothes Rack, two vertical beams support the main, horizontal wooden beam to form a standard clothing rack. To achieve this frame, the vertical beam’s protruding pegs easily slide into the horizontal beam’s holes that were accurately sized and bored during construction. Then, once the user feels ready for a new form to take shape, the clothing rack can be changed into a stand-alone coat rack that follows the same peg-hole assembly pattern exhibited by the product’s original structure. Moving from a standing coat rack, suitable for an apartment entryway or storage room, users can once more morph the Tree Clothes Rack into a wall-mountable coat rack that requires some tools and minimal screws for mounting.

Designer: Pupupula

Tree Clothes Rack’s original form connects two vertical wooden beams with a single horizontal wooden beam via pegs that slip into previously bored holes.

From a clothing rack suitable for hangers to an upright coat or tote rack – the Tree Clothes Rack Series can grow or shrink to match your needs.

With help from additional hardware, screws, and tools the Tree Clothes Rack Series can be mounted onto walls to function as additional coat racks or even as a fixture where you can hang your houseplants.