This entire cleaning spray fits into a single water-soluble tablet to help cut plastic consumption

Here’s some food for thought. That bottle of shampoo, disinfectant, liquid soap, or detergent is essentially 80-90% water. Extract all that water and reduce the product down to simply its dry ingredients and they hardly occupy any volume or weight. The fact that you’re literally paying for 9 ounces of water every time you buy a 10 oz bottle of cleaning liquid isn’t just an economical issue, it’s an ecological one too. Shipping a bottle with 90% water is a waste of cargo space and fuel, as well as a waste of that large plastic bottle which eventually gets thrown into the garbage when the liquid runs out.

1N9 helps cut all that down by condensing your bottle of cleaning liquid into a single compacted pill of dry-ingredients. Pop the pill into a regular plastic spray bottle filled with water and the pill disintegrates, turning the water into cleaning liquid… when the liquid runs out, just pop another pill in and repeat the process. You save up on money (because a pill of dry-ingredients doesn’t cost as much, and you end up reusing the same spray bottle instead of buying a fresh bottle every time! Plus, 1N9’s cleaning pills are made from 100% natural ingredients, making them safe for you as well as for the environment! Double win!

Designer: Supublic for 1N9 Modern Cleaner