This ultra-modern Dyson speaker gets beat reactive ferrofluid display to set any party alive

A portable Dyson speaker destined for the modern interiors that are dominated by avant-garde designs – that’s what this concept audio accessory is all about.

Talk of music, and speakers are the staple virtually in every cabinet or shelf. The audio accessory comes in innumerable shapes and sizes, depending on the acoustic performance and the place where it’s going to be displayed. We’ve already seen the pure magnetism (in terms of looks) of the ferromagnetic material in putting forth a jaw-dropping display of visualizations on a DIY speaker, now yet another unique audio accessory has caught our eye.

Designer: Anatolii Sizov

The basic idea is the same, as it uses the ferrofluid filled inside the see-through body of the speaker putting forth a hypnotic display of beating visualizations. Imagined for the Dyson brand, the electromagnetic waves make the ferrofluid dance inside the glass body. The speaker has a hollow center, something that’s associated with the household appliance giant having its roots in Britain.

The contoured form factor of this portable speaker flows all around the bottom with the sides transitioning into an opaque character, while the top and bottom middle sections retain the see-through aesthetics. This is where the ferrofluid material grooves all around to the beat of the tunes. How cool is that!

Volume toggle, and the play/pause buttons are located on one side of the speaker, while the other side has the connectivity and charging port. Although Anatolii Sizov, the designer of this speaker doesn’t mention the wireless connectivity options, still we presume it has the latest Bluetooth 5.2 version, and the option for connecting with multiple devices simultaneously.

Definitely, Dyson Ferro is a unique speaker guarantying attention whether it’s sported indoors or carried along to the great outdoors like a boombox. After all, adding the very unique dimension of alive visualizations to the music will be a refreshing experience altogether after a long day at work.