A smart poster that knows the weather

In recent years, we have become increasingly surrounded by tech, and the often intrusive and attention-sapping devices can begin to take control of our lives. This realization led to the creation of the Typified Weather Poster, a beautifully designed product that clearly reflects the day’s changing weather.

As opposed to a conventional display, the Typified Weather Poster uses a combination of Paper and Smart Ink to communicate the information; a tiny computer that is concealed within the product controls a chemical change, this causes the desired smart-ink to respond. Once set-up, the Weather Poster requires little more from you than a quick glance; this non-intrusive tech doesn’t compete for your attention, nor does it demand interaction, allowing it to seamlessly fit in with your daily life.

Aside from its primary function of displaying the day’s weather, it makes for an utterly stunning piece of wall art. The beautifully designed poster has been carefully considered, and just to add to the desirability even further… the prints are limited to a run of 500!

Designer: Oli Woods

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What Is It

This screen printed poster uses smart ink and a tiny internet connected computer to reflect the day’s changing weather. As the weather forecast changes, so will the ink on the paper. The icons take 5-15 minutes to fully activate and will update throughout the day as needed.

Check the weather with a glance before you leave the house.

Screen-free your morning.

Why Paper and Smart Ink

We live in an incredible age of connected information but the ways that it integrates into our lives is often intrusive and overly demanding. Screens ensnare our attention and then usually keep it for much longer than we feel good about. Because the Weather Poster is literally a printed poster without any light emitting elements, you don’t have the nagging sensation to look at it like you would a phone or TV screen. We also think of the Poster as equal parts Art and Technology, it has rich colors and tiny imperfections from the screen printing process as well as exclusivity as each design is limited to a run of 500. This sits in stark contrast to screens which are produced in the millions of units.

How Do I Use It

Once you’ve plugged in the poster and connected it to your Wifi, it will never ask for more than a glance from you to do it’s job. Simply, by hanging it up in your house or office it will naturally catch your eye as you move through your day.

How Can Ink On Paper Change

Smart ink is any ink that’s been engineered at a chemical level to change colour in response to a certain stimulus. Our new technology allows the tiny computer to interface with the smart ink. We don’t think the internet has ever been expressed through paper and ink in this way.

What you get with the Typified Weather Poster.

What Weather Can It Display

The poster shows the weather at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. It only shows 1 day’s weather forecast at a time, so if it’s 4pm and the poster displays 8am sunny, this is information about the morning you’ve already had. The different weather types are grouped into 1 of 3 symbols; rainy, cloudy or sunny. The criteria our software uses is based on how you would dress/act according to the weather e.g. you would probably act similarly to ‘thunderstorm’ and ‘rain’, likewise with ‘sunny’ and ‘partly sunny’. Here is a key of how we’ve grouped the different weather types.

If You Live In A Very Hot House

Past 29C/84F, the smart ink will start activating on its own. The average room temperature in Australia, Canada, America and the UK is most often cited between 18C/64F – 21C/70F. The World Health Organization recommends home temperatures to be 18C/64F for healthy adults. If your house does reach 29C/84F, it just means all of the icons will start activating and you’ll have to wait for the house to cool down before checking the weather. It doesn’t damage the poster.

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