RX Re-envisioned

The RXFE electric concept represents how a modern successor to the iconic rotary powered RX7 might take form. Four hub mounted electric motors work in tandem with the rotary engine forming a hybrid power drive. The RXFE’s facelift emphasizes hard lines and masculine detail but maintains the low profile of the two door 90s icon.

Designer: Henry Wang


  • QuikSilveRX8 says:

    I’ve owned and been a member of an RX-8 Club for a while, there’s been talk of a reincarnation of the RX-7 but hasn’t materialized.

  • Francesco says:

    If you have ever seen an RX7 or know what it represents for motorsport you will know that this is the worst modern interpretation possible…
    Please don’t do this again…and leave that pencil on the table.

  • A says:

    Very well this concept-car!

  • rob garcia says:

    doors??? how open??? back door???

  • K1 says:

    Why are you so bitter?

    I have owned both a FC and FD RX7 and I just love this concept car. Its aggressive yet sleek and fits perfectly with Mazda’s current design language. Take a look around and you will realize Mazdas have changed a lot in the last decade both in design and tech.

    Don’t disrespect the designer and YD with such pretentious and unsubstantiated comments.

  • K1 says:

    I am talking to you Francesco.

  • Francesco says:

    I speak cause I’m a designer aswell.
    Mazda design language follows a specific path, begun with the Nagare concepts some years ago.
    It deals with the fluids, with air and water, and the direct interpretation in the serial production is the Mazda 3 and 6.
    Now it evolved in a more sharp way with the Shinari, but the organic feeling remains the same.
    The lines are drawn inspired by airstreams.
    This concept is completely out of this language, it’s just some edges here and there, like in the back end, with the exhausts (4 tubes for just a little wankel?? come on!!).
    It’s not a pointless and unsubstantiated critic as you can see, I have pretty clear arguments here.

  • smon says:

    true, with this work you wouldnt be allowed into a design school. advice to the designer: practise sketching a lot – also with natural forms. maybe then in a bit of time your lines will start to flow. do that before u do cad, otherwise it´s like trying to make a 3 course dinner for high guests with microwave-food. lacking substance…

    have fun and dont give up

  • K1 says:

    It’s not like the Nagare or Shinari…and yet this concept car looks more production ready than any of those concepts. If you truly are a “designer” Francesco you would realize this is probably the end result of a process. It was likely once more organic and free flowing but was refined to conform to real-world constraints.

    The point is, there is a difference between a concept that is purely a concept and a concept which can exist in the real world. This is clearly the latter.

    Also, the hard lines don’t appear meaningless to me. Look at the side view…the 2 straight edges clearly form a 7…perhaps for RX7.

  • Sam says:

    I’d buy it.

  • nice concept. Want!

  • smon says:

    pff… K1, you´re not a designer. at least not transportation designer… not every car design has to be organic and flowing, true..

    but this is just unrefined, conceptless and unprofessional.

    i don´t wanna discourage the creator, keep on creating and practising !

    but the thing is, the formal language is not good, the presentation is not good, the renderings are not good, the sketches are not good.. and those things are not a matter of taste here.

    he´s just not ready yet for a design job. if the creator is in college right now, or high school, then it´s good practise effort, (but still a bit senseless design). he´s got to work on his design skills and taste.. i mean, just look at the shapes.. exhaust and front.. looks like a little indian boy´s imagination… also, whats the point in exaggerating the proportions in cad like in a sketch ? unbeliably low roof and huge wheels ? it just looks ridiculous and unergonomic. and dont tell me about the low height of a gt 40 and stuff. the proportions are just wrong on this. it´s maybe a rendering of a hot wheels car… not the best one though… i mean, who are you guys posting comments here ? i guess not designers ? it´s good to say “great” to encourage the creator, but really at the end if you´re honest, with professional measures you can´t judge this…

    don´t wanna be rude, keep on having fun and working, mr. creator ! wish you luck and success


  • smon says:

    a 7…. lol… with a plate of flat sheet metal beside it, huh?

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