Designed to Bond with You

The Grow Old series of project motivated by a desire to create solutions for the negative effects of obsolescence, excessive consumerism, technology and an overall lack of attachment between users and their products. Quite simply, its aim is to inspire users to grow old with their belongings! You’ll find that the range of devices each have a familiar functionality, but are presented in a thoughtful, interactive, and whimsical way you’re not likely to see elsewhere.

Designer: Merve Kahraman



  • july says:

    This is a very nice blog! I would really like to keep reading your blog.

  • Shiverbrains says:

    Wait, these products are all clearly designed for obsolescence… I don’t think I get the concept…

  • Icewind says:

    One of these…appears to knit lampshades. The next one blows bubbles?
    The last one holds orange. While it drips. Into a bowl. Although maybe it’s more pouring than dripping. How did it get up there? Why is it only pouring at that point? Is the rest frozen? How did that bit all become unfrozen at once? Is the stuff in the bottom splashes, or slices? What IS the orange stuff?

  • kinda designer says:

    her website clears all those questions

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