The Coffee Sleeve

The stats are very clear, used coffee grounds are literally dumped by cafés and little thought given to their recycling. Incidentally the grounds are good raw material for dehumidification, deodorization and compost. However, today we focus on the ECO Sleeve Maker, which compresses and converts used coffee grounds into sleeves for the coffee cups. Of course we need to add water and a little bit of sugar to fashion a stiff sleeve, moreover we can dispose the sleeve as compost and continue the eco chain.

Designers: Choi Seungho, Lime Hyunmook, Han Jiyu and Yeon Taekwon


  • MWK says:

    how long does it take to make the sleeve? how much power is required? Might be cheaper and more energy efficient to grow more trees and use paper sleeves?

  • Seunghyeon says:

    I’m running a small cafe in South Korea, I think this idea is a super brilliant thing!
    I’m wondering how much this machine is…!

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