Compact UV-sterilization chamber keeps your razor disinfected and germ free before and after use

The razor and the toothbrush are arguably the two products that are most closely intertwined with your body, which is why keeping them infection and germ-free goes a long way in ensuring you stay healthy as well as hygienic (and groomed). Rather aptly named ‘Purity’, this tiny razor-sterilizer both holds and disinfects your shaving razor before as well as after use. The USB-C-powered box holds one razor at a time (although you could try putting a toothbrush in there too), and sterilizes it for 30 seconds, allowing UV-C light to neutralize any microorganisms lurking around on the surfaces of the razor. 30 seconds later, the razor is as sterile as it can possibly get, and can be used on the skin without risking infection.

Designer: Wonjun Jo

We’ve seen our fair share of UV sterilizers, and at least technically, the Purity is no different. Designed to be a compact chamber that blasts objects with powerful UV-C light, Purity was designed to sit mounted on a wall and hold the traditional T-shaped razor while you’re not shaving. Its unique chamber design leaves a lot of room on the top, going to show that the Purity could be used for toothbrushes too, or maybe other tiny objects like rings, earrings, etc.

Using Purity is as simple as placing the razor in and pressing the ‘Reset’ button to activate the UV-C light and begin the 30-second timer. The door on the Purity stays closed thanks to magnets on the top and bottom, although there doesn’t seem to be a locking mechanism for the door. One could just assume that the UV-C lamp automatically turns off if someone prematurely opens the door, given that UV-C light can be harmful when exposed to the skin.

The Purity charges via USB-C, making it easy to juice up with your regular smartphone or power bank charger. Given that the battery primarily powers just a UV-C LED lamp, I’d imagine the battery capacity on this little razor sterilizer easily lasts for weeks, if not months.