This classic sneaker uses a eucalyptus-based inner fabric to regulate the temperature of your feet

Let’s see if I can get through this entire write-up without making a ‘cold feet’ joke.

The Scooter One is a reinterpretation of the classic sneaker. While there’s nothing really wrong with classic sneakers (that’s why they’re called classics), they could use an update in terms of how efficiently they’re made, how long they last, and what their impact is on the environment. Designed out of sustainably sourced materials that have a net positive impact on the environment, the Scooter One embodies the iconic style of the classic pair of sneakers, but also comes with a few features that set it apart.

Its monotone, minimalist, easy-on-the-eyes design is made with a proprietary Prime Fiber Leather that upcycles scrap leather and vegan leather to create a better, looking, less wasteful, and more durable alternative. Prime Fiber Leather utilizes existing scrap pieces of leather left behind from cutting leather sheets, requires very minimal processing, and keeps waste material out of landfills. It’s also lighter and stronger than traditional leather, as well as waterproof and scratch-resistant!

On the inside, the Scooter One comes with what the designers call their Soufflé Fit Technology™, which results in a cushioned and comfortable fit for every foot. The inner lining is crafted from a proprietary blend of Merino Wool and Tencel – an eucalyptus-based fiber. This blended fabric is soft to the touch, moisture-wicking, breathable, and even regulates the temperature of your feet, keeping it cool when you perspire.

The Scooter One’s soles are a mix of 90% natural rubber and 10% recycled rubber. Designed to have a dual-density, the outsoles provide excellent shock absorption along with durability and traction. Whether you’re sitting in a café, going for a jog, sprinting to catch the subway, or just walking on uneven terrain, the Scooter One’s soles mold to your every move, and help give you the grip you need.

Designed with a combination of all-natural, recycled, and sustainable materials, the Scooter One have a significantly smaller impact on the environment. The laces are made entirely out of cotton, the dyes used to tan the leather are eco-friendly too, and the sneakers’ proprietary leather is solvent-free and certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard). The inner lining and insole are all-natural too, made from wool and wood-pulp to provide a comfortable fit that’s breathable, helps wick out moisture/perspiration, and keeps those feet of yours breezy cool!

Designer: Projext & Co.

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Scooter One Shoes – Comfortable, High-Tech Classic Sneakers

Designed in Japan, the Scooter One Shoes are engineered to be lightweight, durable, temperature-regulating, and weather resistant.

Prime Fiber Leather

Their Prime Fiber Leather is an integration of upcycled leather and vegan leather. It retains the same touch, look and smell of traditional leather but is lighter, stronger, and more scratch-resistant. It’s a sustainable alternative to traditional leather.

This innovative material is certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard), an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The GRS’s objective is to define requirements to ensure accurate content claims and right working conditions, so the harmful impact on environments is minimized.

Resistant to rain, dirt and abrasion.

Soufflé Fit Technology

Stay cool, comfortable and feeling fresh with their patented Soufflé Fit Technology™. They developed their own special Soufflé Fit Technology™ to produce a fabric that is extremely soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking.

The lining and sock material are made of a unique blend of Merino Wool and an all-natural, renewable fiber mixed with Tencel fabric from sustainably harvested forestry. This fabric is also antimicrobial and odor-eliminating so socks are always optional.

The Popcorn Technology

All-day comfort. The midsole and rubber outsole of the shoes are made with Popcorn Technology, their unique dual-density technology that’s ultra-flexible and molds to your every move. Popcorn Technology features excellent shock absorption and adds durability and traction to Scooter One Shoes. It is a revolutionary cushioning technology that is super lightweight, which provides the highest energy return when you are running or walking.


The shoes are made from 100% eco-friendly pigments to create that bright, shiny exterior. The leather coating of Prime Fiber Leather is free of DMF’s (dimethyl formaldehyde), a substance that can occur in liver damage if absorbed by the skin. The laces are made of 100% cotton, and the soles are a mix of 90% natural rubber and 10% recycled rubber.

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